Monday, 12 November 2007

Yes I know, it's been a while!

Had some free time today, so I thought I’d get some blogging done. Heck, you’re all overdue an update anyway (which, by the way, I’d like to lay blame on Lex and his awful immune system).

This past weekend was –very- sweet, and not because I wasn’t working and managed to catch my Saturday night programmes for once, either. It was mine and Lex’s 2-month anniversary, and my lovely beau surprised me with flowers and chocolates (and a weekend of hypno-fun)…How could I resist? Heck, I was taken at the fact he remembered!

I’d like to give special mention to an induction he did with me this weekend whilst I’m thinking about it (besides, it’ll give me some more time to try and recall exactly what I did during my trances/on cam too).
Now, one of the earliest hypnotic influences I can remember vividly came about 13 years ago, although the movie itself had been around –long- before me. Alright, at the time I didn’t know exactly what I was feeling (Give me a break, I’m not –that- old!) or that it would be one of the things that finally led me to searching hypnosis out on YouTube (and to Lex). I’ve worn out my video of The Jungle Book just playing Kaa’s scenes over and over. Yes, that’s right, I was corrupted by Disney =P

Lex knows full-well the effect Kaa has on me, and decided to try an induction based around his character (yes Lex, I remember it, don’t be so sure about your ‘overwhelming hypnotic prowess’ when pitted against my bratty tendencies ;). Now, although I can’t remember the –exact- wording of the suggestions (I was a –little- preoccupied at the time), I remember his eyes being so compelling. I couldn’t look away, try as I might. If his head moved slightly, my eyes followed, if he spoke, it was all I could hear. I wasn’t lying on the bed any longer; I wasn’t doing –anything- any longer. I was motionless, entranced, compelled to look into those eyes forever. I could feel his coils binding my body, tighter and tighter, rendering me unable to move.

Oooh, got a little shudder just recalling that then. Yes, it was a –very- good induction. I know I fell deeper than I usually do when he simply uses my triggers, and if he hadn’t have moved me off of the bed (and stuck me to the computer chair with my legs wide open, and hands bound behind my back!) I would have remained that deeply obedient for longer. But it’s definitely a step forward.

Another interesting trancing came from Narman (I think?). He gave me the suggestion that the webcam was a swinging pendant, and that I’d feel compelled to gaze into it, follow it, and just fall deeper and deeper until I eventually couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I enjoyed that much more than a certain suggestion that involved a puppet and me embarrassing myself yet again! *glares at the suggester* (is that even a term? Lol another Liz-ism for you all)

Well, I shouldn’t complain really (I say I –shouldn’t- but you all know I’m going to anyway ;), since the viewer suggestions keep me on my toes, and it’s fun for both the viewer and the participant =P But I’ve got to wonder where you lot come up with some of these ideas…


Dazbot241 said...

Sounds like you had fun then, lol... I remember that film, the way Kaa's eyes had that red swirl in them... Though I think he ended up getting hit on the head by something didn't he? But I can imagine you did fall into that one really well... Minus the swirly thing, obviously...

Sorry I didn't reply Briony, I was downstairs... It's my nephews 1st birthday so was watching my sis blow out the candle on his birthday cake... So yno, lol...

Blnkstr said...

Ah, the Kaa stare! That's super-excellent-cool. I'm not surprised that you had such a wonderful reaction, Lizzi. With such a great image embedded in your happy lil' head since childhood, that is an incredibly strong anchor. It must have felt absolutely wonderful. :)

Congratulations on such a good weekend. :)

k.s. said...

ahhh, the Kaa stare. A VERY strong hypno-angle to work on for most of the Generation Y we are today, since many of us grew on classic Disney movies such as this.

I'm simply surprised it took your Master Lex that long to catch onto the idea, or was he led to think otherwise by your bratty antics? :P hehe just poking fun

Hello Briony, its quite fun to know you're having fun as much (or even more) than lizzidoll. Do keep an eye on her that nothing bad happens to you, her, and Master Lex. Its all fun till something serious happens. Happened to me with one of my previous hypno-playmates, was a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards. (How I was supposed to know she'd go THAT far in her hypno-induced play? I guess I was still a dumbstruck k.s. back then...)

LizziDoll said...

Thanks for the comments guys, yes it -was- mighty fun for that kind of induction :P

And k.s, there's a number of choice insults I could have used to reply to your 'I'm simply surprised it took your Master Lex that long to catch onto the idea' comment...Ranging from retorts about the choice of the word 'Master' to his general density :P

I'll leave them for another day...hehe

I'll save them up :P

k.s. said...

hehe, I'll gladly take them in stride. I'm known for unintentionally poking into people's comfort ribs a bit too hard with stuff I say.

being called worse stuff helps in growing a thick skin, doesnt do much about the habitual emotional-poking-fun-at-things though :(

LizziDoll said...

Ah, you misunderstand me. The majority of my comments wouldn't have been directed at you, but at Lex. And I'm usually only teasing anyway :P

Anonymous said...

S'cuse me, I'm new around here--how would i go about viewing this webcam? Thanks in advance for any adivce.