Monday, 12 November 2007

Puppet show, Imagined Nudity and Self Triggering

(note on the date) I started this post on the 12th of November, but wrote the majority of it on the 19th. Because the date on the draft was the 12th, that's what it ended up as. I've dated the relevant parts anyway.

12th November

As well as the usual favorite cam suggestions (Blanking Liz, Bringing Briony out to say hello to the viewers.) we did a little AutoPose1000, this is an idea of Lucky's from the Mind Control Forum.

He was once fortunate enough to hypnotize a number of girls in the same shop when it came to closing time, at one point he had all four of them frozen like mannequins, taking on different emotions when he suggested the feeling. (Sophisticated, Sensuous, Sexy, Happy, Mature, Thoughtful, etc)

Liz was sat in front of the cam while people suggested emotions for her to portray, she'd smoothly move from one expression to the next, then freeze completely in place, a model or mannequin to be admired. (Yummy) From time to time I'd tilt her head a different direction, or tell Mannequin-Liz to fix her eyes on the tip of my finger so I could get her looking in a different direction. This seemed to go down pretty well with the freeze fans.

I also dug out one of my puppets at one point - I bought a few last time I went to the zoo, there's a puppy, a kangaroo, and a white tiger. I'm not sure why I bought them, they just looked so *cute* :oD, I think I was planning to do comedy puppet shows and put them up on YouTube, instead I ended up filming hypnotized models doing sexy things in not very many items of clothing... sooo... sorry about that. ;o)

So yes, the puppet I got out was the puppy, and I blanked Liz and told her that on waking, she'd think the puppy was real, and not be concerned with the fact that I was playing the part of it's puppeteer. On waking her eyes lit up, and as she leapt to tickle Zach the puppet
puppy's tummy (we named him Zach after one of the guys we were chatting to on cam at the time) the first two things out of her mouth were "Awwwww he's adorable!" and "Can we keep him?" She then made some puppydog eyes of her own in an attempt to get me to say that "Yes" we could. Not one to disappoint, I said that of course we could (There's not too much responsibility when it comes to looking after a puppet)

The guys on cam were treated to 5-10 minutes of Liz making googly eyes, giddy noises, ga-ga facial expressions and rubbing her nose happily against the puppet. To be fair, I *was* making him behave pretty adorably, licking liz's nose, snuggling into her neck, sniffing at the webcam and so on. When I finally returned Liz's senses to normal she wasn't best pleased at being the source of our amusement, (she whipped Zach off my hand and threw him across the room - leaving my bare hand for all the webcam viewers to see! :oO NAKED PUPPET!)

Things degenerated a little at that point as I brought out the kangaroo and tiger to say "Hello". Both were unceremoniously grabbed and lobbed across the room as Liz *pretended* to be annoyed about fawning over the puppy. (I know you loved playing with the poochy *really* sweetie, it's okay ;o)

19th November

We've also had some suggestions from readers, some of them pretty interesting, some of them a little weird, for example, we're probably *not* going to be carrying out this one: "When playing RPGs get hot when you cast a fire spell, wet when you cast an ice spell, and orgasm whenever you get healed!" Yes that'd make the game more fun, it'd probably be a *lot* harder to concentrate... Still... points for originality.

Lthr_nck on Yahoo suggested that I have Liz believe that her clothes vanish as I name them. (So I say "socks" and she thinks she's got no socks on) I tried this one out when I picked her up today. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, white strappy top, and had just picked up her jacket.

"Bra" I said, and a second later she flushed, "Have you seen my bra?" she asked, looking a little embarrassed. "Uhhhm, nope, sorry" I said. "You *did* remember to wear knickers right?" (Liz refuses to call them panties, even though it's a *far* sexier word, (Liz: It's *so* not!) not even my hypno-powers seem to be able to persuade her to call them that. She didn't seem to react to her amazing vanishing underpants so I moved right along. "Cute shirt by the way, ("Whaa?") nice Jeans too ("Yaaagh!")"

By this point, Liz believed she was naked, (well, apart from socks, but who wants to admit that they were wearing nothing but socks?) she stood in front of me, fully dressed (to my eyes anyway), still holding onto her jacket, but this just got held up in front of her as a makeshift shield as she blushed a *very* cute shade of pink. "Argh, I knew I'd asked you to come too early, I'm not readyyyyy" she exclaimed, backing herself into a corner and trying to hide behind her hair.
She's so cute when she's not trying to beat me up... not that she's not cute when she *is* trying to beat me up, cos she is. (painfully so in fact)

After I revealed to her that she wasn't in fact nekkid (and received the usual dig in the arm for my sins) I moved onto the next suggestion I'd been given.

This suggestion (also from lthr_nck) was that I get Liz to trigger herself without her realizing she was doing it. Sooo being the devious little bugger that I am, I picked a word that features pretty prominently in Liz's vocabulary and told her that whenever she said this particular word, she'd go blank, enter a trance, kneel and ask "How can I serve you Sir?" Though as we were planning to see friends tonight, I *did* tell her that she'd only do this in private around me, and not in front of others, or out in public... or if she was gaming (Nothing worse than losing your concentration for a minute then waking up dead)

For those of you that are interested the trigger word is "Gay", Liz uses the word as an insult whenever something (or someone) annoys her. She's *very* curious to find out what it is, but at the same time, I've been assured by her subconscious whilst hypnotized that she'd *much* rather have no idea and be teased about it.

Liz used the word about 3 minutes after getting back to my place, one minute she was chatting away, taunting me, the next... she was kneeling down, growing calmly blank, thoughtless, awaiting commands. Mmmmm, good suggestion.

I started off fairly innocently, thinking that I'd have her carry out progressively sexier tasks the more she triggered herself. To begin with, I had her pull up her top n display her bra for me, before returning her to normal. (Completely unaware that she'd done anything unusual) Then the next time she did it, I had her show off a different part of her body. ;o)

Throughout the rest of the evening she just *kept* on using that word though. And my tasks for her to carry out got progressively sexier. She was chatting to a few people on Yahoo / MSN with the webcam on, I hope you guys viewing didn't mind when I got her to kneel n massage her boobs through her top while begging me to play with her... or when I had her become a puppy for a few minutes while I played "fetch" with one of her socks... or when I had Liz get on all fours, butt towards the camera while I gave her arse a lil spank.... or when I had her dancing seductively to Madonna's "Like a prayer" (You didn't *seem* to mind, but I guess it's polite to check)

I had to keep thinking up new and interesting things to get her doing, cos she just *kept* on saying that word. It got to the point where I just stopped hiding the fact she'd been triggering herself and let her in on it. (Anything to stop her from doing it so much)

To begin with I'd been returning her to whatever position she'd been in when she triggered herself (to keep her unaware that anything had happened) she was doing it so much though that in the end I started dropping some fairly large hints. (For example leaving her kneeling, top pulled up, hands clamped over her boobs) So then at least she'd know it's been happening... but not worked out how or why. (poor girl)

Once she realised what was going on, she kept bugging me to tell her what it is that triggers her to blank like that... but I know that *really* she prefers to be teased and toyed with so kept pretty quiet about it. (The upper hand belongs to me, yahar!)

She was still doing it when I started writing this blog entry, and she's done it twice while watching Scrubs in the last 10 minutes. ("Tell meeeee")

The car journey home was amusing. (for me anyway)
"Tell me what the trigger is"
"Okay okay, I'll tell you."
"It's Spam. Whenever you say "Spam" You blank yourself."
"What!? Since when do I *ever* say Spam?"
"Okay then, it's "Thursday"
"Why would I say *that* on a Sunday?"
"Alright alright, I'll tell you.... it's "SpamThursdays" :oD
"Right yeah, cos I say that all the time!"
And so on.

Sooo thanks for the suggestions Nick. I hope you enjoyed hearing about how they played out. I hope everyone else had fun reading about them too.

Feel free to send us more ideas!



LizziDoll said...

I'm so glad -you- got amusement out of that, you little git.

Nick, now that I know -you're- responsible for this, I'll chastise you thoroughly the next time you're online. And Lev, expect that 3am wake-up (when you least expect it - mwahahhaa the irony!)

Though, simple as Lex is, he's clearly stated that all of this happened last night (Sunday 18th Nov) and yet he's posted it on Monday 12th November. I know calendars are tricky things, dear...But -do- try and keep up.

Grey said...

As I recall, the puppet show and AutoPose1000 were last week unless you repeated this weekend.

Anyway, there does seem to be some confusion over the dates, so Liz has a good point...

Mirehn said...

Hmm... some very good suggestions here! I might have to steal some myself...

Anonymous said...

Dude you're creepy.

k.s. said...

I do hope lex has removed that self-blanking trigger, or else it'll be more suffering for him, hehe :P

Hi briony, how have been things going for you from your perspective? so far we've seen lizzidoll's, I think we speak for all when we like to hear from you :)

Anonymous said...

A very good entry, it seems every week someone raises the ante!

I found that imagined nudity segment to be very interesting. It's always fun to have them THINK something is wrong when really, nothing is. It's a bit mischievous, but pretty alluring at the same time.

An awesome read and I hope it was fun for all involved...

I do like the puppet though, he is kinda cute.


Dazbot241 said...

It's all this "daylight savings" stuff... Leaves your head in a spin... Well, it does me anyway... I sometimes do that thing though where you start saying something, and then you wander off into a completely alternate direction and forget about what you were up to until a few days later, lol... But occasionally I just forget something and it bugs me until I remember... At which point I discover my garden has been burgled and I was phoning the police...

Hello briony... Long time no speak! I still remember that you're in there, lol... So yno, next time you see me online, come out and say hi... I've missed you, lol...

polo said...

hi, here's Polo again. my suggestion is plain simple: to make lizzi go into trance slowly, preferrably while trying to evade ir or do something else. just the feeling of seeing a beautiful girl like I'm sure Lizzi is, seeing her fighting to stay awake and failing miserably, you know, it just gets me hot ;)

probably Lex did this many times. for example, tell Lizzi "in a moment I want you to start counting slowly and aloud from 1 to 50. I warn you that you will start feeling drowsy and sleepy and you will enter a deep trance way before you end".

then you offer her a prize, say a $50 dollar bill, and watch. all this in front of the webcam of course.

I bet when Lizzi reads this, she will think she can't fail so simple a task, and show us how much she is under Lex's control.


hey Briony can comment on this too!
hi Briony! and you could do a detailed description of what you're wearing right now and how nice it fits your features. hehe
bye beutiful

my mail account is

LizziDoll said...

Polo, Lex knows that if I'm feeling bratty or mischevious, I tend not to go under with -nearly- the same results (usually, it'll end with him jumping upto the ceiling fan in fright ;)

How well -that- suggestion would work depends entirely on my mood at the time. So you'd all best be nice ;)

And Anonymous, we all know Lex is strange, but in what way was any of that creepy? It was all just good fun =P Live a little, dude.

*** Private ***
Heyloooo guys! Ooh! It's nice to see people want to hear from me :D After all, I'm the bestest!

k.s, what did you mean 'my perspective'?

And Polo, nice idea! That'd work -real- well with Liz's brattishness! And as for your other question...Liz has just got out of the shower, so she's just in a towel.
*** Private ***

notyou said...

Here's a nice effect I've always wanted to experience.

Lex, establish a suggestion/trigger where she says whatever she thinks and thinks whatever she says. Tell her the two are intertwined-- she can't do one without the other.

In the right context, you should get plenty of interesting ideas of things she would like done. I find it disarming when I realize I don't even have the privacy of my own thoughts.


This could also be used as a trance induction. Once she's in the pattern of doing this, telling her to "Shhh" for a moment should arrest all thoughts and produce a nice blank state.

From there, you can have her say something. By saying it, she'll also think it, and who knows what will happen.

Better yet, have her repeat something everytime the minute on an LED clock changes. This will be frequent enough to make sure that she constantly has your conversation topic on her mind. Then sit back and see where those thoughts take her.


polo said...

OK Lizzi, you know we all are very interested in your beautiful mind and will treat you with the utmost respect. you're very precious to us.

*** Private ***
(evil grin) nya-hahahaha

briony, I need to get me a webcam pronto!
*** Private ***

blnkstr said...


notyou, that is a _fascinating_ idea!! I love to hear about ideas like that, where the trance behavior feeds back on itself, or where the trance behavior signals what is going on in the subject's mind. I can't decide whether it's more fun to have the subject be aware or unaware of what's happening. I suppose we'll just have to see them both and do lots and lots of comparison! :)


Mirehn said...

It's been a while since you have posted, what have you been up to lately?

robolvr said...

I second that. Hope all is well. Enjoy hearing about your endeavors. (especially the ones involving robots. *grin*) Look forward to new posts soon. Take care.

Marcos said...

I might have an idea for a trigger.

Make her sensible to the alphabet. "a" being a weak but tangible jolt and "z" a powerful jolt of pleasure and arousal.

That way when she was talking to someone (of course this could be kept for your eyes only :P) she'd be on a orgasmic talk. :)

I leave the name of the trigger to yourselves.