Monday, 12 November 2007

Nuisance, Moi?

Well, Lizzi got to blog…And I wanted to too!

I had a fun weekend with Master too ;) It’s always great to know that I can please him in any way he likes, don’t you agree Liz? Well, you might not –yet- but I’m sure you will in time…Hehe.

I’ve been chatting to a few of Liz and Master’s friends too, when I’m called for. Oh, you didn’t know about that, did you Liz? Whoops *innocent lickle grin* Yes, it’s been sooo much fun chatting behind the scenes! Some of you are almost as mischevious as I am! =P It’s great to see, and keep thinking up suggestions for us both!

Well, I know -I’ll- need less coaxing than Liz will. As long as Master’s happy, then I’m happy.

*** Private ***

Oooh! I almost forgot! I’ve been thinking up some ideas for Liz myself! Thought I’d share them with you all, and see what you think.

The first came from Grey (thank yooouu Grey! =]) when he was being all sneaky with Liz and told her that she’d been typing ‘carrot’ at random places throughout their conversation. Freaked her out something rotten! Hehe. But we were thinking about having her type things unaware of doing so. Whether it be silly little words like ‘carrot’ or ‘bunnies’, or typing her thoughts out loud, or declaring her undying love for Master ;)

The other idea came from when I’d been eavesdropping on a conversation between Liz and Master. He wanted her to do something, and she wouldn’t (shocking, I know) and half way through he said:

“Well, I bet –Briony- would…”
“I bet she flippin’ would! Too bad she’s not coming out to play tonight.” was her stupid reply.

So I started thinking…Wouldn’t it be better if she just agreed in the first place? If anything, it’d knock her off of that pedestal of hers. So I thought up a trigger for her. Whenever Master uses the phrase ‘Don’t you agree?’, Liz’d just find herself agreeing with whatever it was before she realised what she was doing.

Whatcha’ll think?
*** Private ***

I think I’ll mention something –else- that Liz tried to keep from hitting the blogs too. Now, when Puppy-Liz is out playing, she’s –real- playful. She’ll play fetch or tug-of-war with anything she can get hold of, and loves to sniff around and explore. Her barking can get pretty loud if she's not being played with too. She also seems to have this habit of breaking things =P She’s ripped her pants, come out with bruises, and this weekend, broke her necklace. I think it’s soooo cuute! Not just because Puppy’s adorable, but because she’s more focused on being a puppy than worrying about all the human stuff, which is how it should be when she’s responding to Master’s commands. Good girl Liz ;)

Master got her a pretty new necklace though, that doesn't look -totally- unlike a collar actually. Hehe

X x


Dazbot241 said...

Awww, you're being mean briony... I bet Liz is an amazing puppy, even if she ends up breaking everything, lol... Bless...

Maybe a trigger where pressing the nudge button on msn makes her sneeze, lol... Or typing /sing and she types a line from ba ba black sheep or something... That'd be funy too... Hope you're all well Briony, I love our chats... Should have another one soon :)...

Grey said...

Maybe you could be helpful and keep an eye on breakables for her while she's in puppy mode, Briony?

Bear in mind, the easier, safer, and more pleasant things are for her, the more she'll enjoy playing with hypnosis, and the more chances you'll have to expand your influence... :D

k.s. said...

oh, hello briony, nice to hear from the other side of lizzidoll's head. Sorry lizzidoll, for what briony's gone and done to you, even though she is a side of you after all. (Okay, that confused even me now)

in regards to your suggested trigger, I bet it's best to ask Master Lex himself first. After all, he'll be the one to benefit, along with you of course.

Dazbot241 said...

You made more sense thank i think you think you did, lol... If that even makes sense... It was mildly confusing, but once you've got your head around it and split the sentence up a bit, you can tell quite easily what you were saying...

And Liz is ok usually afterwards, lol... She finds her revenge somehow, lol...

Except for this function though, lol... Oh and briony, if you're reading this, which i'm sure you are, you've not been out in a while, lol... Though if you d come out soon, I'd prefer it if you didn't do anything to liz's laptop or anything because it was bedlam last time, lol... I still feel guilty, even though I know liz was just being bratty, lol...

yoyoman said...

Hey Alex, how did you learn to do what you do. And please, can we stick with straight answers instead of the obvious dodges? I really wanna know!!!