Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Dr Lev is a chap that we've been chatting to about the blog since he started commenting in August. He's also in the UK, and we've had a fair few conversations over MSN and on cam. (Lizzi's not in any rush to post pics of herself on the blog, but the occasional appearance on webcam isn't unheard of.) We've chatted about hypnosis amongst other things, and Liz has recently dragged him into playing Runescape with her. (She's something like level 300,000 in that game, I don't play it myself, and really I think she just wants another minion ;o)

He's a fun fellow, with a (fairly understandable) inquisitive nature when it comes to seeing Liz hypnotized on cam, here's the post he sent me:


It was a very pleasant surprise when Lex suddenly appeared on MSN and announced that when he had asked Liz (while in trance) what she wanted to do that evening, her response had been to 'see if Lev's online'. While I won't even try to pretend that any willing observer wouldn't have served the purpose equally as well, I'll still admit to feeling a little privileged on being invited to actively participate in one of their hypnotic games. 'Well, if Liz asked especially', I replied, 'who am I to disappoint a lady' :).

I was given the choice of beginning with Liz as her usual self or, as Lex put it, 'just as a nice hypno-zombie' and (since she was already zombified at that point) decided to stick to the status quo. With that, the cam was activated and my eyes were met with the now somewhat familiar sight of Liz standing there expressionless and staring blankly forwards. 'You tell her how to move/pose, and that's how she moves', Lex explained.

I didn't want to overdo things, partly because even now, the scientist in me is still a little sceptical and so continually takes time trying to evaluate how genuine each response seems. At the same time, I’m aiming to develop a good sense of exactly how much Lex will let me get away with, looking to avoid phrases like ‘you want her to do what!?’ and the session ending rather abruptly :p. Nevertheless, at my request Liz dutifully adopted a number of different poses that certainly accentuated some of her better features and after a while it began to feel almost like I was guest directing my own Entrancement video.

Liz has previously stated that while being posed she has sometimes found herself able to reassert a degree of control, but on this occasion she showed no signs of breaking free from her hypnotic thrall. For his part, Lex seemed happy enough to take a back seat even wandering out of the room briefly, but couldn't seem to resist chipping in occasionally whether it be to slip a bra strap off Liz’s shoulder or make sure that she was standing correctly to attention.

Any regular readers of the blog will be familiar with Lex's very compelling descriptions of puppy-Liz and ever since reading them, the opportunity to witness this for myself was just what I’d been looking for. After all that time spent blanking posing, Liz's face immediately came alive as she sank onto all-fours and bounded over to her Master's side. A spot of rolling-over and sitting up begging was soon enough to convince Lex that playtime (for me) was over and puppy-Liz now required his ‘individual’ attention ;). He concluded by asking how much I wanted her to remember and we agreed on mild suspicions only.

Lex has cautioned me in the past that the amnesia process is not yet 100% effective with Liz and the fact that she wasted no time in bringing up the matter when we next chatted a day or two later suggests that it remains something of a work in progress :p. I had been hoping to slip it into the conversation more casually, as to me those sudden moments of realisation brought on by some gentle prodding can be a lot of fun in themselves. While she remembers the incident itself, however, I still don’t think she’s crystal clear on many of the details or, by all indications, a number of other things that went on later that evening ;)

I guess we (and Liz) will just have to keep reading.

Dr Lev


LizziDoll said...

Don't be so sure I'm not clued into exactly what's going on, Lev. There's not much Lex can keep from me ;) I'm a cunning little girl when I want to be.

But I'm glad you sent that post to Lex, it was a really good read (written very well, I may add. You'll notice my posts and comments tend to be written as I'm thinking them, or as I would say them aloud).

I guess taking a chance and adding me on MSN -was- worth something after all, eh? :P

Anonymous said...

To be honest, the blog was the last place I expected to see RuneScape, after playing it for upwards of 3 years.

I'll not ask for your RSN, but I agree that it's funner to play with others. I've recruited a few people to RuneScape myself.

Once again, keep up the blog, it's a blast to read.

Anonymous said...

Lizzie (and Lex),

Just wanted to say thank you again for such a fascinating 'Lizzicam'. For those others reading, Lex was kind enough to 'blank' Lizzie for a bit, while I did silly things such as having her touch her nose, place her fingertip to her lips, etc. While this was INCREDIBLE to watch, her beauty is only surpassed by her 'blank stare'. Words fail me!! Lex, you are indeed lucky to have such a wonderful girl. If you don't have a ring on her finger by this time next year, there's no hope for you!
Hope to chat again soon!

lthr_nck (on Yahoo messenger)

LizziDoll said...

(I -like- him Lex!) =P

I feel rather rude Nick, but although I'll politely thank you for your time, I'll have to be honest and say that I don't remember camming with you. I couldn't give you the date or the conversation we had beforehand if you paid me lol...Sorry! *sad puppy eyes*

Gah, one of these days my memory will-