Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Hypnotical Interweb

Well, a busy weekend to say the least. I think I monopolised most of Lex’s week actually (although I’m rather sceptical as to just where my new-found addiction has come from ;)

I would have blogged sooner, but I’ve been trying to recall as much as possible before I post about it. I think I’ve got it all, though Lex and Dr Lev tell me otherwise.

Right, I’d best back-track. According to Lex, on Wednesday (whilst in trance) I announced that I wanted to ‘see if Lev was online’ – which I assure you was for friendly banter…Honest! Actually, come to think of it, I ended up chatting/camming to a few of Lex’s hypno-pals this weekend too... Anyway, Lex had decided to give Dr Lev control of me (instead of Lev doing the suggesting, and watching as Lex had his fun). I was told I’d respond to his commands as if he was Lex himself, and I don’t think Lev quite knew where to begin…Too many things rushing through his mind, I wonder? ;)

To be fair, he didn’t go over the top with it, since I think he knows there’s a limit to my acceptance of commands given to me. I read it described somewhere as a ‘mental gag reflex’ and I think that’s the best term to describe it. Even if I’m entranced and told to be completely obedient, alright it’s a little more difficult, since my guard’s down, but I can still snap myself out of a trance before I do something I’d rather I didn’t. I think that ‘safety net’ is always a sound reassurance for subs, the fact that you’ll go as deep and be as responsive as –you- want to go. You can be influenced, entranced, or have your opinions altered, but deep beneath all the mental trickery you’re still you.

Dr Lev had me posing for him; both clothed and undressed (gah! I’ll blame it on being a long day, but I thought I could recall a lot of what he did with me, but as I’m trying to actually type it, it seems to be just out of my grasp…Grrr) and my puppy trigger came out to play too. Jumping and rolling along the bed and floor, and begging for the camera with my big ol’ brown puppy dog eyes ;) After a little while though, Lex took the control back, since I think he was feeling a little left-out…I’m just too popular for my own good sometimes :P

But he had his own fun a little later on that evening, which I didn’t even think to recall until he mentioned it yesterday in conversation. Then of course my mind went into a flurry, demanding to know what the hell he was talking about and why I didn’t remember this sooner. I do –so- hate that smug grin he gets when he knows he’s won.

I’ll have to find a way of addressing the balance sometime... ;)

For newer readers to the blog, I’m not your standard submissive. I'm not one to be found kissing ass and sitting meekly in the corner with all the "Well, if you say so"s and "Whatever you say"s. I’m very headstrong and brattish, and I love the satisfaction of winning a game or an argument (that’s why I’m a Law student, I guess :P). So, why am I a subject rather than a dominant character? The answer’s quite simple. Since I’m naturally so dominant in my every-day life, letting the control slip a little is a very different experience to what I’m used to, and that’s its appeal. I love the thought of being overpowered, either mentally or physically, as I slip helplessly before a more dominant male. However, there’s limits to this. Whilst I love the thought of playing the ‘helpless heroine’, the experience is like walking on eggshells (though Lex has managed to tread this extremely well so far).

I enjoy the sensation, but it’s mainly due to the trust I have with Lex. I know that he won’t take it too far, if I’m put in a situation where I’m tied down for example, I know that he’ll only go as far as I wish the experience to go. I think that in itself is why I love slipping for Lex. Lately, he’s not even had to go through a long-winded process of "Sleep Liz"s and build the programming into me that way, I’ve noticed I respond just as well (though admittedly I don’t fall as deeply) when he puts the programming into normal conversation, (though he’ll protest it’s down to his ‘sexy hypno voice’ ;) which is great for me to see that I’ve progressed since he first began trancing me. I like having bench-marks like that, to reassure me that the hypnosis really is working on me.

But if any of you have ideas, questions, comments or things you’d like to see us try or blog about, drop me or Lex an e-mail or comment on the blog. I’m always willing to listen (though dependant on how bratty I am will affect whether I’ll respond in the way Lex wants…Shame isn’t it? ;)


Blnkstr said...

Ohhhh, the suspense! Now I'm dying to hear from Lex & Dr. Lev and Co. to find out just what they did with Lizzi's empty little head all weekend! :) Could the Lex make some posts that are hypnotically invisible to Lizzi so that he can boast about how he ran Lizzi through her paces _this_ time? Thanks in advance! :)

Lex said...

Hi blinkstr, thanks for the comment.

Yeah I can make certain posts and comments invisible to Lizzidoll, in fact I may do so tonight :oD

Lex said...


All messages that begin with the word "Private" will now be totally ignored by Lizzi, so if there's anything you've always wanted to say without her seeing you say it... now could be a good time. :oD

LizziDoll said...
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LizziDoll said...

I read through my post later on after I'd posted it. I -did- leave things rather to the imagination, didn't I?

I'm such a tease ;)

And Lex, don't even think of pulling something like that! (I guarantee he'll begin a post of that nature and not finish it anyway, so I'm not overly worried)

But watch those ideas you're giving him there, Blnkstr!

Grey said...

I've been having some fun with blurring the lines between awake and in trance recently with one of my subjects - I've been consciously using ambiguous phrasing for some of my suggestions for a while now, with the intention that she take as many meanings as she can follow. Anyway, the time before last, I gave her a suggestion while in trance for one of her hands to get stuck somewhere, stay that way after waking, and release on command. This time round, I gave the suggestions to get stuck and for her hand to be stuck even when awake (note the ambiguity on whether it should stay stuck just this once or generally while awake), but left out any suggestions on how it would be released. Upon waking, her hand stayed stuck until I told her to release it (had that not worked, I'd have taken her back under and released her that way). A while later, I told her to try putting her hand back where it had been stuck - unsurprisingly, a quick touch didn't stick it, but holding her hand there for a count of 5 (providing some magic to let it stick) did work. I then ordered her (still awake) to put the other hand in an equivalent location and count to five and, with no suggestions having been made while in trance, that hand got stuck too...

This was all done in text, with her on webcam, so there was no tone of voice involved per se

Lex said...

Cool Grey, that'll probably get your subject to a state where if you phrase things the right way, she'll take them as hypnotic suggestions, even if she's not been triggered into a trance first.


I find that with Lizzi I can tell her things like "You find a desire to undress growing and growing, you just want to stand, sway your hips, and slowly strip" and she'll pretty much respond as though it's a completely natural thing to do... though she can look rather blank and dazed whilst doing it... not that that's a bad thing :oD

I can also tease though. When I give Lizzi that kind of suggestion, the expression will slowly drain from her face. If I just carry on, she'll accept and obey, if I stop for a moment halfway through, to give a cheeky grin or a wink, she'll come to her senses and realise what's going on.

I do it fairly often, if only to give Liz the impression that she's "winning" and is managing to resist my devious hypno wiles.

Blnkstr said...

Hurray, I'm giving someone ideas! That's like putting thoughts into someone's head, which is a little like hypnotizing them, right? Coooool... :)

Anyways, I had another suggestion, so to speak. Would there be some way that Lex could make some posts that are hypnotically invisible to Lizzi but can be seen by her hypnotic alter-ego(s)? I'd think that they would enjoy the attention. :)

Have fun, and thanks for being so creative!

LizziDoll said...

Who's side are you on Blnkstr?!

Grey said...

He's on our side, of course!

Blnkstr said...

Whose side am I on? I'm on the side of science! Gaining vast new insight into the workings of the human mind! This is important research, you know!

After all, how else are we supposed to find out just how kinky all of us are if we don't have something like this blog to test us? :)

Anonymous said...

Lex...Can you make a hypnosis video that hypnotizes the viewer? Could you post it on YOUTUBE?

Arkayem said...

It would be cool to experience some thing like what you are doing to Lizzi, but I do not think I can be hypnotized, I mean I've tried that self hypnosis stuff and it never works, tough huh?
I mean the idea of someone falling under the control of another is completely interesting, and to take it as far as triggering someone through MSN or something like that is unreal!

By the way your blogs make for an incredible read, though this is my first time commenting.