Monday, 15 October 2007

Guess Who?

Couldn’t let you all forget about lil ol’ me now, could I? =]

Tee hee. Well, I was feeling left out, and Liz had nothing to do between classes…So I thought I’d pop out and help time fly by. I’m so thoughtful aren’t I? The only downside is having to check back with Master each time I do this to make sure I’m not treading on Liz’s toes. I don’t know why he loves her so much…But it’s alright, I know he knows best =] And as long as I get to have –my- own kind of fun with him without Liz knowing, then I’ve no need to complain, do I? ;)

*** Private ***

Oooh!!! I didn’t know about –this-! Now –this- is interesting, for sure =P

Thanks for the lickle comment Blnkstr, I wouldn’t have seen it though if Liz hadn’t pointed it out to me (well, she didn’t know she did, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her – but it’ll sure drive her crazy with my post so short like that! Mwhahahahaaaa!)

Just to make a few things clearer for everyone though, I generally just float behind the scenes until I’m called for by my Master. Unless there’s something that mentions my name, I’ll generally ignore it as ‘Liz-stuff’. So if you want me, holler! =P I only saw Blankstr’s note about hiddeny-things because when Liz read it, she had gone off on one in her head about who would be most likely to take advantage of such a situation…

I’d no idea how she arrived at moi! *sweet ickle gurly smile*

Yeah, so by then I was mighty curious ;) So I thought I’d give this whole secrecy thing a try, and the fact that I’ve left such a vague message will just tease Liz all the more! Hehehehehe.
Right, back on topic. There’s been times when Liz has been a brat (shock horror I know) and she’ll refuse (well, make it seem as if she refuses) to respond to Master’s commands. That’s about the time he remembers he’s got me in here to put Liz to shame ;) One of these day’s he’ll realise that every day should be a Briony day! Anyway, Master’s found many uses for my obedient-ness, and I’ve been more than happy to please him. From going down on him and sexy poses, to my fembot persona. Though he’s not done much of the fembot one in a while…Guarantee it’ll be something to do with Liz…Hmph.

Oops! Sorry, but my time’s running short on here…Though now I know about this private messaging, (if Master allows me) I’ll have to make more use of it ;)

*** Private ***

Bye guys!

Briony X x


Grey said...

Always nice to hear from you, Briony, whether or not you actually have anything to say!

As for coming out more, maybe you should have a conversation with Liz about that? I'm sure you can come up with ways to communicate with her directly...

LizziDoll said...

Helloo Grey! :D

Lizzi doesn't like talking with me. She's all suspicious I'm gonna be rooting around in her head. Master doesn't want me to do that anymore though, so I can't..:(

Used to have -lots- of fun being a snoop for Master though. Tee hee!

It's alright though, I've been filling in for Liz when she's being all bratty and won't listen to anyone. Master knows he can count on me to please :)

Briony X x