Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Drawing: LizziDoll Entranced

Had a fun night with Lizzi this evening. I got to prove who was boss *without* using my wiley hypno skills for once when Liz decided to leap on top of me, and try to pin me down whilst I was on the bed. She's been taking military martial art classes and keeps testing whether or not they're sufficient to beat my Karate skills... though mainly it just involves seeing who can push the other off the bed first.

I won tonight, (though it was a pretty close thing.)

I had Briony come out to play for the first time in weeks (Sorry Briony!) she'd secretly managed to get Lizzi to stash a couple of hair bobbles at my place so she could give Lizzi different hairstyles while she was "out" and Briony was "in". Liz ended up with her hair in a couple of *very* cute pig-tails (which Briony then eagerly showed off on webcam to a couple of interested onlookers.

*** Private ***
If you want to get in touch with Liz's Briony side, you can address a comment to her. (Though unless you mark it "Private" at the start of the post, Liz will consciously be aware of it too.)

If you want to chat to us on Yahoo, leave a comment with your Yahoo ID and we'll add ya.

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Liz being Liz though, once she was back in control and realised what Briony had done to her hair, she stamped her foot a little, then grumbled about the fact that she couldn't undo what "that idiot Briony" had done, because now her hair had been plaited it'd only end up frizzy if she undid the plait. (Click for a larger version)

Here's that pic of Lizzi looking Mind Controlled that I mentioned last month. How time flies when you're having fun. The real Liz looks about 8 times hotter than this when she's kneeling submissively awaiting commands... (Because of course I needed her to pose like that so I had a reference!) - actually to begin with, I only "Body Slaved" her to get her to pose like that. (Mentally totally normal, able to say whatever she likes, but physically totally obedient and unable to move without being commanded to) So Liz was snarking about how much of a control freak I am right up to the point where I stuck her lips shut and blanked her. Rowr.

Oh, in Real Life her arms are both the same size. (Correct Proportion is my Kryptonite.)



Jimlad said...

I'd love to chat with you guys! My ID is Jimlad116

Brad said...

I must say i enjoy reading all these posts! my SN is bjoe1181

Lex said...

Right Brad and Jimlad, I've added ya both. What's your experience with hypnosis been so far?

And if there are any ladies out there who'd like to chat or try out hypnosis, you're welcome to message us too.

Brad said...

Thanks. Mostly an interest, i cant say i have never tried amongst girls online...but without direct feedback and training i doubt it worked.

Jimlad said...

Hey Brad! Lex, Brad's actually one of the main reasons I got into hypnosis, it all started with a little hypno script he graciously let me edit and customize, which I still thank him for. Now I mostly just do it for fun, and I look for new fun things to do!

Brad said...

Well it wasn't myself. We've never met jimlad

Jimlad said...

Whoops! Wrong brad, then. Sorry! Anyway Lex, what's your Yahoo ID, just so I know when you message me?

LizziDoll said...

Feel free to add me on MSN too guys, my address can be found by clicking onto my profile (That's partly to reduce the number of you plotting with lex when I can't see!)

And Lex, you -will- be going off the bed next time...

LizziDoll said...

Or, for those of you too lazy to look (=P) my MSN is:


Lex said...

My Yahoo ID is Mr_Hypnotical

Jimlad said...

Alright, I added you two. I hope you got my messages, I'd love to talk with the both of you.

Blnkstr said...

Hurray! More hypnosis of Briony... I mean Lizzi! :) My yahoo ID is blkstare, and I'd love to join in. :)

Blnkstr said...

*** Private ***

Briony, thanks very much for popping in and talking to us. It's wonderful to hear from you, and it's wonderful to see just how much Lizzi is enjoying herself, even if she doesn't fully admit it to us. Hurray for sneaky subconsciousnesses!

Hmm, what's the plural of "subconsciousness"? "subconsciousnessi?" :)

*** Private ***

LizziDoll said...

Well, I don't have Yahoo, but as I said, feel free to add me on MSN. You can cross-chat from a Hotmail addy to a Yahoo one on that anyway.

And Blnkstr! I'll have to put a leash on you! Stop encouraging Lex's mischevious side (don't add him Lex! He's -worryingly- sneaky!)

Grey said...

Y!: greyshadowmc

MSN: grey.underscore.shadow@googlemail.com

Blnkstr said...

*** Private ***

whew! i think i've got MSN finally working. my address is blnkstr@hotmail.com. thanks in advance, and thanks again to Briony and Lex and pet and lizzidoll for making such a fun blog!

*** Private ***

Luis said...

excelent work lex, lizzi
i must say having a relationship like yours its a dream goal i am chasing myself ^^ i am a hypnotist my self and me and my girlfriend are making our way through (tho our relationship may differ because we count kind of like switch) i hope to chat with you very very soon my yim its kanjo_ichijyo@yahoo.ca i added lizzi to msn ^^
*** Private ***
Briony, thank you for your great posts i cant stop reading this :D i so love when you are out even i do like lizzi alot you are like the prohibited candy we all desire :P i am really looking forward talking to you too
*** Private ***

Marc said...

Awesome blog i hope to see learn and enjoy the fun you have and be able to apply something similar when i find my own hypnoloving sub soon

hope to chat to you all very soon


Kaworuthe17th said...

Hey guys!
My yahoo: Kaworuthe17th@yahoo.com
My MSN: Kaworuthe17th@hotmail.com

Dillon a.k.a. Kaworuthe17th (lol)

Anonymous said...

hey guys, very interesting stuff on here, I'd love to chat with you sometime, my yahoo ID is nefarious426, hope to hear from you

Why Not 03 said...

Good Evening!

I know this comment is comming years late, yet where there's life, there's hope.

I'm relatively new around the hypno-circles, and I would love to hear from a real professional. My Yahoo is Whyn0t03 . Here's to hopin' to hearing from you soon!