Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Delayed Reaction

Liz lay on the bed motionless. Her eyes unfocused. Open, but unseeing. The steady rhythm of her breath, the rise and fall of her chest, one of the few indications that she wasn't just an inanimate doll. Mentally she was frozen in time, - paused - her thoughts on hold. Seconds earlier, her Master had used her "Freeze" trigger, the hypnotic word that caused her mind to immediately slip out of gear, and her body to lock in place. And now she lay. For all intents and purposes a life-sized doll. Occasionally slowly blinking, but not thinking, not speaking, her lips parted attractively, thoughtlessly... She wouldn't be aware of anything until her "Release" trigger was spoken.

At least... that's how it's gone *before* when I've frozen Lizzidoll. I can freeze her and then play with her in all *kinds* of ways, I can reposition her, undress her, shift her off me if we're having a wrestling match and I want an easy win... (though I'm happy to tell you I've never had to resort to hypnosis to prove I'm stronger than her... honest! Still, with her taking martial arts it's becoming a very close thing)

This time though, I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to make sure that Liz got some of the same pleasure from her freeze that I did. I can give her hypnotic commands while she's frozen that will take effect when she's released. Here's what I said:

"When I count to 3, you'll be released as usual, this time though, you'll experience everything that I do to you while you're frozen in one intense burst of pleasure the instant you're released"

I then set about pleasuring my Lizzidoll from top to bottom, kissing her face, nibbling her ears, gently biting her neck (something she loves), caressing her sides, breasts, and then bending and lifting her legs so I could scratch my fingernails over her butt and down the backs of her legs. (Something she *really* loves ;o) I could have spent longer, gotten up to even more fun, but I was pretty keen to see how this one panned out.

"1, 2, 3" I counted.

Liz's eyes flicked open but rolled closed again almost as quickly as the pleasure flooded through her. Everything that I'd been doing to her in the last 5 minutes hitting her in one powerful wave of hypnotic pleasure. Her back arched and she gasped, unable to catch her breath for a moment as she felt my kisses simultaneously on her mouth, her neck, her stomach, my fingers running themselves
over her breasts, down her spine, massaging down her legs, pleasure everywhere. She let out a weak moan, before finally collapsing back on the bed, quivering a little, and opening her big brown eyes with a smile as she whispered:

"Wow, what was that?"

I think I might wake her up that way in future. ;o)

I also gave Liz a "Sexy" pleasure trigger over the weekend, that one's similar to the delayed reaction freeze trigger. When I say "Sexy" she gets to experience everything we got up to (whether awake or entranced) during our time together that day. Again it's in one short but *very* sweet burst.


Grey said...

Sounds like "sexy" is a lot of fun - almost as much fun as charging it up in the first place :)

Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

I almost don't want to read this blog anymore, because it's so damn good I almost wish I could be experiencing it.

However, it's just too sumptuous to not check out, so keep up the good work and let those triggers flow!


Anonymous said...

Also, I'd like to ask you a few questions Lex, on Yahoo.

My Yahoo thingymajigger is ravinsensation07.


Luis said...

well this one sounds very interesting.... one question i got for you Lex, but i'd rather have them while in a chat maybe you can give us some ideas to me and my girlfriend to try hypnosis with, and also how to stablish a healthy relationship, Lizzidoll may help my dear one to find a side she might found more interesting to being hypnotized, again thanks for this you are a great couple keep up the good work!

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LizziDoll said...

Thanks for the comments guys, though I've got to be honest and say that when he posted this, I didn't know about the 'delayed reaction' section. Only the 'Sexy' trigger as mentioned in my post.

A number of things clicked together when I read this, as I can remember it vividly now, with the whole story (not just what my natural sensibilities have strung together to try and explain things like this away).

And I'm glad you're enjoying reading Flashfreeze! It's nice to see that we're both repulsing and enticing our readers at the same time! ;)

K.S. said...

Its great to know that you're enjoying yourself (subconsciously at least) with Lex, and its good to know you're enjoying hypnosis a whole deal more than my significant-other, but I digress

Probably Lex's hypnotalent over mine, but I digress yet again ;)

Its always great to read about your adventures. More power to both of you :D

Lex said...

Heya K.S. Thanks for the comment.

If you want your significant other to enjoy themself under hypnosis, you need to focus on their own specific kinks and pleasures. If hypnosis itself is a kink with them, then great, if it's not though, it'll just have to be a means to an end.

It happens that Lizzi enjoys feeling helpless and out of control, so my trances with her can focus on those elements. Not everyone does want to feel that way though, some just want to feel peaceful, some want to feel focused, some want to feel sexy, etc.

You can talk about the areas you want to explore both while your subject is awake, and whilst they are under. It may be, that there are things you definitely need to avoid. (Some people like the alternate personality idea, becoming a slavegirl or bimbo on command, but some really don't like the idea of becoming anyone else)

As long as you make it clear to your partner that they can say "no" at any time, and that more than anything, you want it to be a fun experience for them, you may have a little more luck.

All the best!


Dazbot241 said...


I've added liz on msn, she's really cool... Had a good long conversation about hypnosis and that, really good :D... Haven't got your's though lex, could you add me? I'm confused about the whole "yahoo-to-msn" link thing...

My msn is dazbot_iz_ere@hotmail.com...

Cheers :D...


Thought I'd try this out... Haha... How are you Briony? Would like to chat to you some time as well as liz... Would be cool to see a contrast :D... You sound just as good to talk to, so I await eagerly the opportunity :)...


Anonymous said...

Lex...Can you please make a video to put on youtube that makes the viewer think he/she is a dog? Please post back!

Anonymous said...