Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Camshows, "New" body parts and secret messages.

Sorry if this one's a bit fragmented, didn't finish writing it till past 2am!

Though Liz prides herself on being a massive brat, I'm finding out more and more about how much she likes to find herself helplessly obeying suggestions and commands. (Case in point, asking to see if Dr Lev was online whilst she was under. Subconsciously, Liz wants to show off how obedient n sexy she can be. Consciously, she'd tell you that she'd rather be covered in bees)

Some people ask couples why they bother with hypnosis at all if one partner is so submissive, I think one of the attractions with hypnosis for Liz is that it can instantly make her feel docile, weak, helpless, submissive, and obedient. It's a real indication for her of how vivid her response to hypnosis is, that I can zap her into that frame of mind in less than a second.


Sure sometimes I give Liz the impression that I *don't* actually have absolute power over her. I'll start to give a command in my "hypno-voice" only to trail off and give her a lil grin once I notice her expression beginning to grow vacant:

"Liz, you're looking really beautiful today, but what you find is that you really want to bare your boobs, find yourself automatically beginning to do thaaat..."

I wink and give her that adorable smile (that she insists on calling a smug smirk) She shakes her head, (clearing her brain of hypno-fuzz) and looks down to find her hands have already halfway lifted her top.

"Gah! I don't *think* so Mister!" She'll say, sorting her top out and whacking me one in the arm.

By the way, Blinkstr asked if I could make text hypnotically invisible to Lizzidoll, that's what this "Private" section is. Lizzi's been programmed to totally ignore sections marked ***Private*** so feel free to comment privately, secure that Lizzi isn't going to see it and publicly mock you ;o)


So yes, last week when Liz was drifting in a nice hypnotic daze, I asked if there was anything she wanted us to do, and she said "See if Lev's online" I asked if she wanted to be remote controlled whilst under and what her limit was to be, and she told me that she did, but didn't want to get totally nude, (sorry bout that Lev!) Lev covered most of what happened pretty thoroughly in his post.

From my perspective it was pretty sexy watching Liz posing and performing, her gaze fixed on the screen, I do love the fact that she reserves certain things for my eyes only though ;o) It's good to see her adopting new poses and positions, I have a few favourites, but can't often think of new poses for her. (I think I mentioned that my mind has a tendancy to go blank when Liz is in that state of mind, and I can only think of doing *one* thing with her)

I must remember to give her a nice "Autopose" trigger some time though, seeing her slide from one blank and thoughtless pose to the next then freezing in place is great.

"New" Body Parts

I remember a clip I saw over on hypnogirls.com a while ago of a girl (Tala I think) responding to a suggestion that she was a sex toy saleswoman. She woke and calmly began to demonstrate the correct way to use a dildo. The matter-of-fact way she was describing the technique made it sound like she was doing nothing unusual, (she could have been selling a new and interesting brand of Microwave, it was that kind of tone of voice and level of nonchalence)

I thought I'd try something similar with Liz, only instead of selling toys, I had her forget that she'd ever had any sex organs then "discover" something she hadn't noticed before between her legs. I told her she'd respond to it in the same way you would if you noticed that you had an interesting pattern of freckles that you hadn't seen before, but that all the sensations would be just as vivid as ever.

Needless to say it got quite interesting, though I won't go into too much detail here.


Instead I'll go into more detail here. ;o)

Liz was nude at the time and woke from her trance with a smile to find herself in my arms, she was just about to say something when she gave a little frown, flipped the covers off the bed and parted her legs, sliding a hand down there to check something.

"There's something..."
she began, looking confused.

"Something where... between your legs?"
I asked.

she said, genuinely baffled and sliding out from between the sheets.

She sat up in bed, spread her knees wide, and placed a hand either side of her pussy, for all intents looking like a mechanic checking the water level in a car's radiator.

"Haven't you not noticed that before?"
I asked
"No... what is it?"
she said, totally clueless.
"It's your pussy"

"My pussy!?"

"Yeah, it's... you know, a sex organ"

"What does it do?"

"Well... let me show you"
I volunteered, demonstrating two or three of the key "features"
"Ohhhhhh wow"

And the rest I *will* leave to your imaginations!

Secret Messages

And finally, Blinkstr commented that it might be cool to make messages hypnotically invisible to Lizzi so I can boast about the paces I put her through without Liz being aware of just how much is being said. Lizzi's pretty much vetoed that idea, and has promised an ass-whupping should I attempt to put it into action.

I'm not sure if it would work that well anyway, although we're making a lot of progress, getting Liz to *completely* forget something is pretty tricky, she'll usually notice something's amiss and start prying around in her subconscious memories to unravel whatever tricks it is I've been up to.

So yeah, nice idea, sorry that that one doesn't work, but keep them coming in.


Muahahahaaaaaaaa, discount everything I said above. While it's true, I can't get Liz to completely forget something, I can still plant self-reinforcing programming to keep her from realising something, (When you try to remember your trances, you'll find yourself feeling blank and obedient / playing with your nipples / barking like a dog, etc) It also helps that I'm in league with her subconscious, subconsciously she's agreed to totally ignore any parts of the blog that I mark as "Private"

As I said earlier, she only really realises what tricks I'm up to when I want her to be aware of it. (With either a deliberate pause wink or a grin) I'm not sure if she realises quite how willing she is subconsciously to obey the commands I give.

Poor Lizzidoll eh? ;o)



LizziDoll said...

Well, I've gone a little red reading that (I didn't expect him to post the 'New Body Parts' bit!) but he's (wisely) chosen to keep things nice and vague.

Sorry to diappoint you all, but I won't be dishing much gossip either. After all, I couldn't go behind my Master's back and give away that information now, could I? *sweet smile*

Blnkstr, as he said, it was a nice idea, though I'm not fully co-operative yet. But Lex, feel free to try it out. I've had a think since my initial 'ass-whupping' threats and I've decided that it's -your- reputation of the 'masterful hypnotist' on the line...They all -know- how bratty I can be :P

Upto you, sweetie ;)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Autopose, I think it's pretty much a legend among us hypnofreeze fans.

Glad to see the updates to the blog and both of you having fun.


Anonymous said...

Lizzidoll, it's a pleasure to read of your ongoing experiences. Your'e a marvelous subject and despite your bratty persona, you really enjoy being in hypnosis. Perhaps, as you continue to read these words, you feel the warm glow of being valued and appreciated for your considerable hypnotic abilities. You may feel a strong desire to express your deep, physical appreciation to Lex for opening you up to these wonderful feelings.

I wonder if you'll remember to tell him that Lucky sent you. ;)

Flashfreeze, "Autopose" has also become the stuff of legend at the shop where I get my hair cut. The four ladies who were the first to experience the Autopose 1000 mannequin suggestions loved the experience and talked it up to their fellow shopmates, some of whom have asked for sessions as well.

Readers of the mcforum.com board may recall that I developed the Autopose suggestions in response to a female member who said that she hated being made into a mannequin. My goal was to structure the suggestions so that my subjects would enjoy it. Of course, a shopful of attractive women who are highly attuned to fashion and "dress competitively" is an ideal proving ground.

= Lucky =

Anonymous1 said...

As a suggestion, maybe you could make her unable to enter through a certain doorway, sort of like magnetic repulsion or something. Or you could make her switch to Briony whenever she goes into a certain room.

maybe the room with the webcam 'evil smile'