Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Delayed Reaction

Liz lay on the bed motionless. Her eyes unfocused. Open, but unseeing. The steady rhythm of her breath, the rise and fall of her chest, one of the few indications that she wasn't just an inanimate doll. Mentally she was frozen in time, - paused - her thoughts on hold. Seconds earlier, her Master had used her "Freeze" trigger, the hypnotic word that caused her mind to immediately slip out of gear, and her body to lock in place. And now she lay. For all intents and purposes a life-sized doll. Occasionally slowly blinking, but not thinking, not speaking, her lips parted attractively, thoughtlessly... She wouldn't be aware of anything until her "Release" trigger was spoken.

At least... that's how it's gone *before* when I've frozen Lizzidoll. I can freeze her and then play with her in all *kinds* of ways, I can reposition her, undress her, shift her off me if we're having a wrestling match and I want an easy win... (though I'm happy to tell you I've never had to resort to hypnosis to prove I'm stronger than her... honest! Still, with her taking martial arts it's becoming a very close thing)

This time though, I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to make sure that Liz got some of the same pleasure from her freeze that I did. I can give her hypnotic commands while she's frozen that will take effect when she's released. Here's what I said:

"When I count to 3, you'll be released as usual, this time though, you'll experience everything that I do to you while you're frozen in one intense burst of pleasure the instant you're released"

I then set about pleasuring my Lizzidoll from top to bottom, kissing her face, nibbling her ears, gently biting her neck (something she loves), caressing her sides, breasts, and then bending and lifting her legs so I could scratch my fingernails over her butt and down the backs of her legs. (Something she *really* loves ;o) I could have spent longer, gotten up to even more fun, but I was pretty keen to see how this one panned out.

"1, 2, 3" I counted.

Liz's eyes flicked open but rolled closed again almost as quickly as the pleasure flooded through her. Everything that I'd been doing to her in the last 5 minutes hitting her in one powerful wave of hypnotic pleasure. Her back arched and she gasped, unable to catch her breath for a moment as she felt my kisses simultaneously on her mouth, her neck, her stomach, my fingers running themselves
over her breasts, down her spine, massaging down her legs, pleasure everywhere. She let out a weak moan, before finally collapsing back on the bed, quivering a little, and opening her big brown eyes with a smile as she whispered:

"Wow, what was that?"

I think I might wake her up that way in future. ;o)

I also gave Liz a "Sexy" pleasure trigger over the weekend, that one's similar to the delayed reaction freeze trigger. When I say "Sexy" she gets to experience everything we got up to (whether awake or entranced) during our time together that day. Again it's in one short but *very* sweet burst.

Bimbo's, Triggers and Cam-Fun!

Managed to plague Lex’s house over the weekend (he just can’t seem to get rid of me!) and in between work, true to his character, he managed to think up a few hypnotic games for us to play.

Did a little camming to a few onlookers, though I’d like to give a special shout-out to whoever it was that decided to make me dance…WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING!? Though, I suppose the sight itself was punishment enough. You’re just all so mean to me! *sniffle…sob*

I also found out that Lex has been going through ‘the back door’ with some of the viewer’s suggestions. If –I- refuse to do something, he’ll simply bring out my kiss-arse counterpart and have –her- do it…Razzafraz! A good example of this would be a suggestion that someone gave (sorry I’m not sure who it was. I don’t get the chance to follow the online conversations…I seem to only get bits of them…Funny that isn’t it? =P) about my becoming a doll. Now, I’m not a big fan of fembots and dolls, I can –understand- the attraction they bring to people, they just don’t do anything for me is all. It’s funny actually, since they both possess similar elements to things I actually find quite attractive in hypnosis (obedience, waiting for commands, etc) but the things I associate with them must be what’s causing my indifference. I know, I’m so awkward ;)

Anyway, out popped Bimb- I mean, Briony (=P) and I found out through reading the chat log back later that she’d been a Barbie doll for everyone…Joy…

Lex is actually quite mischievous sometimes (probably why I’m still with him ;) and on a few occasions now he’s taken full advantage of my zoned-out mental state to get me typing things like ‘I must serve my Master now’, ‘I must be punished’ and ‘Lex is my Lord and Master. I live to serve him.’

Pass me a pail…I’m gonna hurl.

Though you never know if next time the text may just –happen- to be typed as ‘Lex is an insufferable, egotistical git. I must ignore him at all costs.’ It’s such a shame when that happens, isn’t it? =P

I’ve got to apologise to Nick actually, I made a comment about Lex to him (good conversation must be built from a common ground that we can talk about…Ours just happens to be insulting Lex =P) Unfortunately though, I didn’t realise that Lex was sitting right behind me, reading everything I was typing…Whoops. He then took it upon himself to bend me over on the bed, and spank my arse directly in full-view of the cam…Ghet. Don’t worry Nick, Lex can pay for your therapy.

I was even given a new trigger. I won’t go into too much intimate detail (especially after Lex was so good and vague on his earlier post) but my new ‘Sexy’ trigger sends shivers down my spine just typing it! It involves experiencing all of my favourite sensations (which I’ve had to slow down a little bit, since cramming them all into one feeling isn’t as satisfying as focusing on different areas at one time, before moving onto the next).

So yes, an interesting weekend, to say the least!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Drawing: LizziDoll Entranced

Had a fun night with Lizzi this evening. I got to prove who was boss *without* using my wiley hypno skills for once when Liz decided to leap on top of me, and try to pin me down whilst I was on the bed. She's been taking military martial art classes and keeps testing whether or not they're sufficient to beat my Karate skills... though mainly it just involves seeing who can push the other off the bed first.

I won tonight, (though it was a pretty close thing.)

I had Briony come out to play for the first time in weeks (Sorry Briony!) she'd secretly managed to get Lizzi to stash a couple of hair bobbles at my place so she could give Lizzi different hairstyles while she was "out" and Briony was "in". Liz ended up with her hair in a couple of *very* cute pig-tails (which Briony then eagerly showed off on webcam to a couple of interested onlookers.

*** Private ***
If you want to get in touch with Liz's Briony side, you can address a comment to her. (Though unless you mark it "Private" at the start of the post, Liz will consciously be aware of it too.)

If you want to chat to us on Yahoo, leave a comment with your Yahoo ID and we'll add ya.

*** /Private ***

Liz being Liz though, once she was back in control and realised what Briony had done to her hair, she stamped her foot a little, then grumbled about the fact that she couldn't undo what "that idiot Briony" had done, because now her hair had been plaited it'd only end up frizzy if she undid the plait. (Click for a larger version)

Here's that pic of Lizzi looking Mind Controlled that I mentioned last month. How time flies when you're having fun. The real Liz looks about 8 times hotter than this when she's kneeling submissively awaiting commands... (Because of course I needed her to pose like that so I had a reference!) - actually to begin with, I only "Body Slaved" her to get her to pose like that. (Mentally totally normal, able to say whatever she likes, but physically totally obedient and unable to move without being commanded to) So Liz was snarking about how much of a control freak I am right up to the point where I stuck her lips shut and blanked her. Rowr.

Oh, in Real Life her arms are both the same size. (Correct Proportion is my Kryptonite.)


Monday, 15 October 2007

Guess Who?

Couldn’t let you all forget about lil ol’ me now, could I? =]

Tee hee. Well, I was feeling left out, and Liz had nothing to do between classes…So I thought I’d pop out and help time fly by. I’m so thoughtful aren’t I? The only downside is having to check back with Master each time I do this to make sure I’m not treading on Liz’s toes. I don’t know why he loves her so much…But it’s alright, I know he knows best =] And as long as I get to have –my- own kind of fun with him without Liz knowing, then I’ve no need to complain, do I? ;)

*** Private ***

Oooh!!! I didn’t know about –this-! Now –this- is interesting, for sure =P

Thanks for the lickle comment Blnkstr, I wouldn’t have seen it though if Liz hadn’t pointed it out to me (well, she didn’t know she did, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her – but it’ll sure drive her crazy with my post so short like that! Mwhahahahaaaa!)

Just to make a few things clearer for everyone though, I generally just float behind the scenes until I’m called for by my Master. Unless there’s something that mentions my name, I’ll generally ignore it as ‘Liz-stuff’. So if you want me, holler! =P I only saw Blankstr’s note about hiddeny-things because when Liz read it, she had gone off on one in her head about who would be most likely to take advantage of such a situation…

I’d no idea how she arrived at moi! *sweet ickle gurly smile*

Yeah, so by then I was mighty curious ;) So I thought I’d give this whole secrecy thing a try, and the fact that I’ve left such a vague message will just tease Liz all the more! Hehehehehe.
Right, back on topic. There’s been times when Liz has been a brat (shock horror I know) and she’ll refuse (well, make it seem as if she refuses) to respond to Master’s commands. That’s about the time he remembers he’s got me in here to put Liz to shame ;) One of these day’s he’ll realise that every day should be a Briony day! Anyway, Master’s found many uses for my obedient-ness, and I’ve been more than happy to please him. From going down on him and sexy poses, to my fembot persona. Though he’s not done much of the fembot one in a while…Guarantee it’ll be something to do with Liz…Hmph.

Oops! Sorry, but my time’s running short on here…Though now I know about this private messaging, (if Master allows me) I’ll have to make more use of it ;)

*** Private ***

Bye guys!

Briony X x

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Camshows, "New" body parts and secret messages.

Sorry if this one's a bit fragmented, didn't finish writing it till past 2am!

Though Liz prides herself on being a massive brat, I'm finding out more and more about how much she likes to find herself helplessly obeying suggestions and commands. (Case in point, asking to see if Dr Lev was online whilst she was under. Subconsciously, Liz wants to show off how obedient n sexy she can be. Consciously, she'd tell you that she'd rather be covered in bees)

Some people ask couples why they bother with hypnosis at all if one partner is so submissive, I think one of the attractions with hypnosis for Liz is that it can instantly make her feel docile, weak, helpless, submissive, and obedient. It's a real indication for her of how vivid her response to hypnosis is, that I can zap her into that frame of mind in less than a second.


Sure sometimes I give Liz the impression that I *don't* actually have absolute power over her. I'll start to give a command in my "hypno-voice" only to trail off and give her a lil grin once I notice her expression beginning to grow vacant:

"Liz, you're looking really beautiful today, but what you find is that you really want to bare your boobs, find yourself automatically beginning to do thaaat..."

I wink and give her that adorable smile (that she insists on calling a smug smirk) She shakes her head, (clearing her brain of hypno-fuzz) and looks down to find her hands have already halfway lifted her top.

"Gah! I don't *think* so Mister!" She'll say, sorting her top out and whacking me one in the arm.

By the way, Blinkstr asked if I could make text hypnotically invisible to Lizzidoll, that's what this "Private" section is. Lizzi's been programmed to totally ignore sections marked ***Private*** so feel free to comment privately, secure that Lizzi isn't going to see it and publicly mock you ;o)


So yes, last week when Liz was drifting in a nice hypnotic daze, I asked if there was anything she wanted us to do, and she said "See if Lev's online" I asked if she wanted to be remote controlled whilst under and what her limit was to be, and she told me that she did, but didn't want to get totally nude, (sorry bout that Lev!) Lev covered most of what happened pretty thoroughly in his post.

From my perspective it was pretty sexy watching Liz posing and performing, her gaze fixed on the screen, I do love the fact that she reserves certain things for my eyes only though ;o) It's good to see her adopting new poses and positions, I have a few favourites, but can't often think of new poses for her. (I think I mentioned that my mind has a tendancy to go blank when Liz is in that state of mind, and I can only think of doing *one* thing with her)

I must remember to give her a nice "Autopose" trigger some time though, seeing her slide from one blank and thoughtless pose to the next then freezing in place is great.

"New" Body Parts

I remember a clip I saw over on hypnogirls.com a while ago of a girl (Tala I think) responding to a suggestion that she was a sex toy saleswoman. She woke and calmly began to demonstrate the correct way to use a dildo. The matter-of-fact way she was describing the technique made it sound like she was doing nothing unusual, (she could have been selling a new and interesting brand of Microwave, it was that kind of tone of voice and level of nonchalence)

I thought I'd try something similar with Liz, only instead of selling toys, I had her forget that she'd ever had any sex organs then "discover" something she hadn't noticed before between her legs. I told her she'd respond to it in the same way you would if you noticed that you had an interesting pattern of freckles that you hadn't seen before, but that all the sensations would be just as vivid as ever.

Needless to say it got quite interesting, though I won't go into too much detail here.


Instead I'll go into more detail here. ;o)

Liz was nude at the time and woke from her trance with a smile to find herself in my arms, she was just about to say something when she gave a little frown, flipped the covers off the bed and parted her legs, sliding a hand down there to check something.

"There's something..."
she began, looking confused.

"Something where... between your legs?"
I asked.

she said, genuinely baffled and sliding out from between the sheets.

She sat up in bed, spread her knees wide, and placed a hand either side of her pussy, for all intents looking like a mechanic checking the water level in a car's radiator.

"Haven't you not noticed that before?"
I asked
"No... what is it?"
she said, totally clueless.
"It's your pussy"

"My pussy!?"

"Yeah, it's... you know, a sex organ"

"What does it do?"

"Well... let me show you"
I volunteered, demonstrating two or three of the key "features"
"Ohhhhhh wow"

And the rest I *will* leave to your imaginations!

Secret Messages

And finally, Blinkstr commented that it might be cool to make messages hypnotically invisible to Lizzi so I can boast about the paces I put her through without Liz being aware of just how much is being said. Lizzi's pretty much vetoed that idea, and has promised an ass-whupping should I attempt to put it into action.

I'm not sure if it would work that well anyway, although we're making a lot of progress, getting Liz to *completely* forget something is pretty tricky, she'll usually notice something's amiss and start prying around in her subconscious memories to unravel whatever tricks it is I've been up to.

So yeah, nice idea, sorry that that one doesn't work, but keep them coming in.


Muahahahaaaaaaaa, discount everything I said above. While it's true, I can't get Liz to completely forget something, I can still plant self-reinforcing programming to keep her from realising something, (When you try to remember your trances, you'll find yourself feeling blank and obedient / playing with your nipples / barking like a dog, etc) It also helps that I'm in league with her subconscious, subconsciously she's agreed to totally ignore any parts of the blog that I mark as "Private"

As I said earlier, she only really realises what tricks I'm up to when I want her to be aware of it. (With either a deliberate pause wink or a grin) I'm not sure if she realises quite how willing she is subconsciously to obey the commands I give.

Poor Lizzidoll eh? ;o)



Dr Lev is a chap that we've been chatting to about the blog since he started commenting in August. He's also in the UK, and we've had a fair few conversations over MSN and on cam. (Lizzi's not in any rush to post pics of herself on the blog, but the occasional appearance on webcam isn't unheard of.) We've chatted about hypnosis amongst other things, and Liz has recently dragged him into playing Runescape with her. (She's something like level 300,000 in that game, I don't play it myself, and really I think she just wants another minion ;o)

He's a fun fellow, with a (fairly understandable) inquisitive nature when it comes to seeing Liz hypnotized on cam, here's the post he sent me:


It was a very pleasant surprise when Lex suddenly appeared on MSN and announced that when he had asked Liz (while in trance) what she wanted to do that evening, her response had been to 'see if Lev's online'. While I won't even try to pretend that any willing observer wouldn't have served the purpose equally as well, I'll still admit to feeling a little privileged on being invited to actively participate in one of their hypnotic games. 'Well, if Liz asked especially', I replied, 'who am I to disappoint a lady' :).

I was given the choice of beginning with Liz as her usual self or, as Lex put it, 'just as a nice hypno-zombie' and (since she was already zombified at that point) decided to stick to the status quo. With that, the cam was activated and my eyes were met with the now somewhat familiar sight of Liz standing there expressionless and staring blankly forwards. 'You tell her how to move/pose, and that's how she moves', Lex explained.

I didn't want to overdo things, partly because even now, the scientist in me is still a little sceptical and so continually takes time trying to evaluate how genuine each response seems. At the same time, I’m aiming to develop a good sense of exactly how much Lex will let me get away with, looking to avoid phrases like ‘you want her to do what!?’ and the session ending rather abruptly :p. Nevertheless, at my request Liz dutifully adopted a number of different poses that certainly accentuated some of her better features and after a while it began to feel almost like I was guest directing my own Entrancement video.

Liz has previously stated that while being posed she has sometimes found herself able to reassert a degree of control, but on this occasion she showed no signs of breaking free from her hypnotic thrall. For his part, Lex seemed happy enough to take a back seat even wandering out of the room briefly, but couldn't seem to resist chipping in occasionally whether it be to slip a bra strap off Liz’s shoulder or make sure that she was standing correctly to attention.

Any regular readers of the blog will be familiar with Lex's very compelling descriptions of puppy-Liz and ever since reading them, the opportunity to witness this for myself was just what I’d been looking for. After all that time spent blanking posing, Liz's face immediately came alive as she sank onto all-fours and bounded over to her Master's side. A spot of rolling-over and sitting up begging was soon enough to convince Lex that playtime (for me) was over and puppy-Liz now required his ‘individual’ attention ;). He concluded by asking how much I wanted her to remember and we agreed on mild suspicions only.

Lex has cautioned me in the past that the amnesia process is not yet 100% effective with Liz and the fact that she wasted no time in bringing up the matter when we next chatted a day or two later suggests that it remains something of a work in progress :p. I had been hoping to slip it into the conversation more casually, as to me those sudden moments of realisation brought on by some gentle prodding can be a lot of fun in themselves. While she remembers the incident itself, however, I still don’t think she’s crystal clear on many of the details or, by all indications, a number of other things that went on later that evening ;)

I guess we (and Liz) will just have to keep reading.

Dr Lev

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Hypnotical Interweb

Well, a busy weekend to say the least. I think I monopolised most of Lex’s week actually (although I’m rather sceptical as to just where my new-found addiction has come from ;)

I would have blogged sooner, but I’ve been trying to recall as much as possible before I post about it. I think I’ve got it all, though Lex and Dr Lev tell me otherwise.

Right, I’d best back-track. According to Lex, on Wednesday (whilst in trance) I announced that I wanted to ‘see if Lev was online’ – which I assure you was for friendly banter…Honest! Actually, come to think of it, I ended up chatting/camming to a few of Lex’s hypno-pals this weekend too... Anyway, Lex had decided to give Dr Lev control of me (instead of Lev doing the suggesting, and watching as Lex had his fun). I was told I’d respond to his commands as if he was Lex himself, and I don’t think Lev quite knew where to begin…Too many things rushing through his mind, I wonder? ;)

To be fair, he didn’t go over the top with it, since I think he knows there’s a limit to my acceptance of commands given to me. I read it described somewhere as a ‘mental gag reflex’ and I think that’s the best term to describe it. Even if I’m entranced and told to be completely obedient, alright it’s a little more difficult, since my guard’s down, but I can still snap myself out of a trance before I do something I’d rather I didn’t. I think that ‘safety net’ is always a sound reassurance for subs, the fact that you’ll go as deep and be as responsive as –you- want to go. You can be influenced, entranced, or have your opinions altered, but deep beneath all the mental trickery you’re still you.

Dr Lev had me posing for him; both clothed and undressed (gah! I’ll blame it on being a long day, but I thought I could recall a lot of what he did with me, but as I’m trying to actually type it, it seems to be just out of my grasp…Grrr) and my puppy trigger came out to play too. Jumping and rolling along the bed and floor, and begging for the camera with my big ol’ brown puppy dog eyes ;) After a little while though, Lex took the control back, since I think he was feeling a little left-out…I’m just too popular for my own good sometimes :P

But he had his own fun a little later on that evening, which I didn’t even think to recall until he mentioned it yesterday in conversation. Then of course my mind went into a flurry, demanding to know what the hell he was talking about and why I didn’t remember this sooner. I do –so- hate that smug grin he gets when he knows he’s won.

I’ll have to find a way of addressing the balance sometime... ;)

For newer readers to the blog, I’m not your standard submissive. I'm not one to be found kissing ass and sitting meekly in the corner with all the "Well, if you say so"s and "Whatever you say"s. I’m very headstrong and brattish, and I love the satisfaction of winning a game or an argument (that’s why I’m a Law student, I guess :P). So, why am I a subject rather than a dominant character? The answer’s quite simple. Since I’m naturally so dominant in my every-day life, letting the control slip a little is a very different experience to what I’m used to, and that’s its appeal. I love the thought of being overpowered, either mentally or physically, as I slip helplessly before a more dominant male. However, there’s limits to this. Whilst I love the thought of playing the ‘helpless heroine’, the experience is like walking on eggshells (though Lex has managed to tread this extremely well so far).

I enjoy the sensation, but it’s mainly due to the trust I have with Lex. I know that he won’t take it too far, if I’m put in a situation where I’m tied down for example, I know that he’ll only go as far as I wish the experience to go. I think that in itself is why I love slipping for Lex. Lately, he’s not even had to go through a long-winded process of "Sleep Liz"s and build the programming into me that way, I’ve noticed I respond just as well (though admittedly I don’t fall as deeply) when he puts the programming into normal conversation, (though he’ll protest it’s down to his ‘sexy hypno voice’ ;) which is great for me to see that I’ve progressed since he first began trancing me. I like having bench-marks like that, to reassure me that the hypnosis really is working on me.

But if any of you have ideas, questions, comments or things you’d like to see us try or blog about, drop me or Lex an e-mail or comment on the blog. I’m always willing to listen (though dependant on how bratty I am will affect whether I’ll respond in the way Lex wants…Shame isn’t it? ;)