Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Lizzidoll - A Public Attraction?

I was over at Lex's this weekend. He was online chatting to Dr Lev, I of course, was quietly minding my own business (curiously reading over his shoulder ;). Before long, Lex asked me if I'd mind going on webcam. My initial reaction was a giggly "No!", but the more I considered the idea, the more I began to see the appeal. I agreed, though didn't want to give him the satisfaction of a triumph, so I lay on the bed, out of view. With hindsight, I probably shouldn't have underestimated him. Give a guy a reason to show off, and he'll jump at it. He began posing me for Lev's amusement, freezing me (and demonstrating some of the poses I recently discovered I had after reading a certain blog post....).

As I awoke, Lex's mischevious grin and smug demeanor told me that he'd been upto mischeif again. Unfortunately, he's cottoned onto my sneaky ways I try and recall my trances (though undoubtedly with inside help) and watched with a smirk as my eyelids grew heavy and I fought to keep myself awake.

Although, I -did- have my own shining moment later. I've come to realise that snapping out of trances and scaring lex is -much- more effective when he's hovering just inches away from my face ;)

I tend to be really curious at times, and Lex and Lev found it extremely amusing to render me unable to eavesdrop on their conversation. When a message began with the word 'Private', I'd be unable to read any further than that word. My confusion turned into skepticism, and then into bratty curiosity as I demanded to know what they were keeping from me (unfortunately even my puppy dog eyes couldn't persuade him ;).

Lev was even given his very own trigger for me. I was reading over Lex's shoulder again, talking to Lev whilst Lex relayed my messages.

"So Lizzi, have you had an enjoyable evening?" he asked.
"Yes I have thanks - what I remember of it anyway." I replied, shooting a glare at Lex and absently pulling down my shirt (which I'd hoisted up to my ears as I'd read my name).

Lex recieved a good whack for -that- little stunt later on...

I've got to say though, all my protests aside, I really enjoyed camming. I took a certain amount of pride in allowing Lex to play with me for Lev. And of course, he was safe in the knowledge that I wouldn't play up for an audience (well....Not -yet- anyway ;)

However let me say that I won't be starring in my own Entrancement videos for a -long- while. Sorry to disappoint :P


Dr Lev said...

I did witness said events, strictly for the purposes of research of course as I’m sure everyone will understand ;). While it appears that Lizzi has now been able to recollect many of her antics, in addition to her ‘puppy dog eyes’ let me add that her begging, playing dead and rolling over are also pretty convincing :P.

At the same time, I can certainly attest to the fact that when he couldn’t duck quickly enough, Lex received a couple of choice thwacks for his efforts – talk about suffering for your art.

I wonder if my trigger word will still be effective the next time Lizzi and I care to converse…

Grey said...

So now I'm jealous of Lex and Lev...

Oh well... I guess I'll just have to keep looking