Saturday, 1 September 2007

Fun Freeze Frolics

If you have a freeze fetish, and a partner that's interested in playing some freeze-related games, I'd definitely recommend trying this suggestion out. It doesn't necessarily have to be a hypnotic trigger, though that does add an extra level of time-stop like voyeurism, when you get to carry on moving and manipulating things behind the scenes while your partner is unaware of anything, locked in the moment.

"Whenever I kiss you, you're able to move, whenever I stop kissing you, you freeze in place, thoughtless, poseable, unaware of any time passing."

I've tried this with Lizzidoll and it's *extremely* yummy! Kinda sexy to pull back for a moment (or a few minutes) and see the look of pleasure fixed on her face. Only resuming movement when I either carry on kissing her, or use her "move" trigger.

I've also given her an "Assume xxxx position" trigger, and I'm getting her to learn fixed poses. My mind has this annoying habit of going blank just when I don't want it to though (she kinda has that effect on me ;)) So I could do with some suggestions of other poses to get her to adopt. I'm looking for fun and cool poses as well as the standard kinky submissive ones.

So far she has the following poses:

  • On all fours, back arched, butt in the air.
  • Arms bent out like a sex doll, mouth open, legs spread
  • Kneeling, head tilted upwards, legs apart, hands placed on her knees
  • Standing to attention, breasts and butt sticking out, gazing into the distance.

  • Would anyone like to recommend any more?

    How would you pose a life-size hypnodolly? ;oD


    Grey said...

    The only thing that springs to mind right now is the standard superhero pose - standing hands on hips, shoulders back, feet a couple of feet apart, etc...

    Maybe something curled up as well?

    Lex said...

    Curled up like a lil kitty cat? ;o) I've had Lizzidoll do *that* ... just not made her into a statue at the time. Maybe I will... :oD

    polo said...

    don't forget making her stand blank eyed with both arms stretched forward, and you can make her say "yes master" for the same price ;)

    Lex said...

    I tried some zombie walking, head lolling, arm outstretched action with Lizzidoll the other week, it didn't really do anything for me. (Maybe I'm doing it wrong :oP)

    LizziDoll said...

    Correction, it was -not- with me. You wouldn't be able to pay me to shamble around mimicking the undead...I do enough of -that- of a morning ;)

    He asked me, then I found out later he'd snuck around the back door and brought Briony out to carry out his dirty work. Hmph!

    Anonymous said...

    Personally, I have a huge fetish for the blank stare and/or eyes rolled up look. Probably too many comic books growing up. :)

    I also love the form of the female arm, so any poses with the arms stretched out or above the head are always pleasing.

    Anonymous said...

    What about a full Dolly pose, ie. Doll Smile, Eyes wide open, feet positioned as if she was wearing heels etc.