Thursday, 20 September 2007

Becky Speed

We had a long but fun day with Becky, the drive down was great, we took the toll road, so avoided all the usual traffic snarl ups around Birmingham. We actually ended up there an hour ahead of schedule, so took the oppurtunity to chill out by a duck pond for a bit. I was tempted to put Lizzi into "puppy mode" and have her chase down the ducks, but resisted (just about)

Becky's been modelling for a few years. She very chatty, friendly and
very easy to get along with, she'd not been hypnotized before, but was very interested. While I was setting up, she and Lizzi chatted a bit about this and that, hypnosis and what kind of things it's capable of. As Becky didn't seem quite convinced that she herself was going to be hypnotized very shortly, I took the oppurtunity to zap Lizzi with a freeze trigger. (All hypnosis is self hypnosis at the end of the day, but if you can convince a person that you have magical hypno powers, they're *much* more likely to drop deep into a trance for you before you can tell them how heavy their eyes are becoming)

Becky seemed pretty intrigued by how I had Liz all thoughtless, frozen and posable, and when I unfroze Liz (who was none the wiser) I think it made quite an impression. Me being me though, I can't keep Liz in the dark for too long without looking smug or gloating in some way that I know something she doesn't, so it wasn't long before Liz was giving me a good kicking. (She's so harsh!)

I set up, rearranging her room a little to maximise the light in front of her, and we began. The induction took about 10 minutes, and it wasn't too long before I had Becky's hands locked together while she struggled to seperate them. From there we did deepeners, and worked our way through the script I'd prepared.

In the past I usually just take a list of suggestions, but I often get a little stumped as to how exactly to phrase things. This time the script was much more detailed, and I think it made the whole thing go that much more smoothly.

Here's a list of the suggestions I gave her:


Floating Hands

Hands Locked

Doesn't remember being hypnotized... or what her name is.

Mind Blank / Eyes open in trance.

Mind Wipe - Pleasure / Confusion Trigger

Blank While awake

Miss Mannequin

FLASH (bra)

Blank Undressing / Posing

Frozen while posing in bra

Blank and topless

FLASH (no bra!)

Time Loop

Deeper and Deeper

Good Girl Pleasure Trigger

Blank and staring


"Really got to take off my top"

Arms out, topless hypno zombie

Hypno Puppy

Cute model / Raunchy model switch-a-round (Topless)

Forgotten how to dress herself

Dresses in a corset

Blank posing

"The rhinocerous is humping my car!"

Hypno bondage

Angry at her smashed up car / Apologetic at hitting my car switch-a-round

Hypno bondage / Hypnotickling

Remote Control / Freeze / Salute / Walk / Mute / Mouth Stuck Shut /

Pose Mode while blank / pissed off

Meek submissive slavegirl wants to please.

"Yes Sir" poses on command.


There were a *lot* of very good scenes in this one. My favourite moments were the fembot section, (as Becky looks *great* in PVC and moves like she was built, not born) the Angry / Apologetic car accident girl, (as her behaviour just switched from being soooo pissed off and insulting to extremely apologetic) Cute / Raunchy model, and the Time Loop.

A lot of the time, Becky was aware she was following hypnotic suggestions, she really had no ability to stop though. At one point I'm telling her to stop flashing me while she waves her boobs at me over and over and over and... (you probably get the picture)

It'll be online at my clips4sale store soon anyway.



K-8 said...

LOL @ the ducks thing...I can just picture it... ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi, looks like some great job you did on Becky.
I'm just working on a dollification script, maybe you have some ideas for it.

Lex said...

There's a fair few doll / robot type scripts over at the Doll Collective Yahoo group:

Enjoy! said...

Thanks i already looked at that script. I took a few parts from it to create my own personal script for dolls.
I hope i find such a good subject like Becky. She looks awesome.