Thursday, 20 September 2007

Becky Speed - Highlights

Lil too tired to blog right now, I've been video and photo editing for most of the evening. In the meantime, here are some nice pictures of Becky Speed under hypnosis. Lizzidoll was under hypnosis at various times during the session too (having a partner handy to zap with hypno triggers really does make you look far more convincing as a hypnotist) but there aren't any pictures of her. You'll have to make do with the Becky ones ;o)

Click the pics to see a larger version.


Frozen Whilst Posing

Undressing, her mind a blank

Hypnotically bound

Fembot in Mannequin Mode


Anonymous said...

lizzidoll is quite lovely in that corset -- such a striking color for such a good girl

does she wear it with stockings and heels?

Lex said...

You might want to re-read the post. Those are pics of Becky Speed, not of Lizzi. ;o)

And yes, she was wearing stockings, no heels though.

Blnkstr said...

Thanks very much for posting such great images! It's been wonderful to read the descriptions of the video projects, and to have a big & beautiful photo for each of the poses is a real treat!

Anonymous said...

i just found the clip where you hypnotised her and to be honest i thought it was very good. I wanted to know if you were going to make anymore videos using Becky Speed.