Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Animal Antics

At the moment, I've two animal triggers (well, to my knowledge anyway). A puppy trigger, and a kitten one. Usually, I only realise they've been in use by waking up on all fours...or with a shoe in my mouth following a game of "fetch". Then, there's always Lex's really annoying "I know something that you don't know!" face, which makes it painfully obvious he's been upto no good as usual.

I've quite a thing for dogs and puppies. There's just something so pure and loveable about them, so no matter what mood you're in, when you arrive home there's always at least one affectionate face waiting for you. It's not surprising then, how easily I slip into my four-legged alias (Lex has even pointed out on a few occasions how my everyday behaviour reminds him of a puppy :P). Lex had been playing with 'puppy-me' for a while...Though I think that was partly with the intention of kicking me off the couch...

Lex, I only snooped with our reader's best interests at heart! Honest! ;)

I don't think I could do justice to the experience of being a puppy, but I'll try to describe it for you. It's like visiting a carnival when you're a kid...The world seems to have an added sense of wonderment. Sounds are more distracting, scents more inviting, and colours more prominent (no, I don't see in black and white :P). When we're in public, the length of my arm and his when we're holding hands is the extent of my 'leash'. However in quieter areas, I'm free to allow my curiosity to run amok. As a puppy, even my brattiness can poke through my instinctive loyalty, and it's extremely amusing to bite and tug at Lex's trouser legs ;)

As a kitty however, I tend to vary between being a cat and a kitten...It seems to depend on my mood. My puppy trigger generally takes care of my excited, playful energy, so it's very rare I'll choose to carry on whilst I'm a kitten. As a cat I love close proximity (actually, that's much the same as I am normally....I guess I -do- have some rather animalistic traits :P), however I tend to -demand- attention more. Regardless of what Lex is doing at the time, if I want my chin tickling, I'll badger, nuzzle, and annoy him until I feel sufficiently attended to....Before dropping him like a rock in favour of curling up on the bed ;)

I'm quite fortunate in that I'm very good at compartmentalising my mind. I can put all of my aliases into little filing cabinets in the back of my mind (or even retrieving memories when I want to), and separate them from my conscious mind. However even this doesn't stop me from getting -really- confused and lost at times. I could be singing along to music one minute, then the next I'm staring up at Lex on all fours. Unless I make a special point of snooping, I'm only left with Lex's account of what's been happening (which as a Law Student, I know to take such things with a pinch of salt ;)

But there's always the times when my conscious mind wriggles out from under the hypnotic blanket, and then of course things don't always go as planned for the hypnotist...

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Anonymous said...

Lex...Can you make a hypnosis video to post on YOUTUBE that makes the viewer turn into a puppy?