Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Animal Antics - Another Perspective

Not that anyone's asked, as so far only Grey and Lev seem to be commenting on the posts... but I thought I'd write about what it's like for me when I put Liz into "puppy mode"

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Right! Puppy-Liz then, what's all that about? Well as Lizzy's said, she kind of has a thing for dogs. (No not in *that* way) she just finds them totally cute and adorable, and has on a couple of occasions mentioned that she'd like to be a labrador puppy. Who am I not to give my lady everything she could ask for? [*devious grin*]

The first time I made Liz a puppy I told her she'd feel playful, curious, friendly, and obedient. (typical puppy feelings.) I woke her up on 3, and she gave a sleepy blink... followed by a wide-eyed stare as her head jerked up to look around her. She looked pretty amazed to find herself sat beside me, (though I gather puppies are amazed by pretty much anything more complex than single-celled organisms...) and her head kept swooping this way and that as she took in her surroundings. I asked her how she felt, and she gave a happy "Rrrrrr-Uff!" as she jumped up, placing her hands (uh... I mean "paws") on my knee and nuzzling my face. (As a kitten or puppy she doesn't kiss, but there's a lot of curling up, rubbing against stuff and nuzzling)

She started exploring the room on all fours, sniffing about, no self-consciousness whatsoever - when her jeans started to slip down revealing her underwear she just *kept on* excitedly poking around!- and eventually pounced on one of my shoes. She came trotting back over to me happily, my shoe in her mouth and dropped it expectantly at my feet. Did she really want me to play fetch with her? I gathered from her playful growling, pounce-ready position, and puppy eyes looking up at me that she did.

Playing with Puppy Liz is a really fun experience, she'll play dead, chase her tail, beg, fetch, sit, and speak! (

I've also taken her out in public a couple of times, although in that situation, I told Liz she'd walk on 2 legs like normal, be able to speak simple phrases, but see the world from a puppy's viewpoint, (far easier to do that than to *actually* walk around town with a girl on all fours ;o) puppy thoughts are fairly simplistic "Pigeon! Chase! / He Smells Weird / She Smells Nice / I Hate Cats / I Love You Master" and like Lizzi said, she holds onto my hand or arm like it's a leash.

Usually when I return Liz to normal after time as a puppy she flushes a little bit, accusingly she'll ask me "Who've you had out *this* time?" but the bite (or punch to the arm) that comes from her waking to find herself posed in some sexy position isn't there, so I *think* she probably knows (and feels good about the fact) she's been spending time as my pup.

On returning to normal after her time as my hypno-kitty, she's usually feeling very chilled out and affectionate, so it's not a bad way to get Liz in the mood for cuddles ;o)

Speaking of hypno-kitty mode... it's one of my favourite things to see Liz do I think. The way cats press up to you for attention, or roll on their back while you tickle their tummy... or go *nuts* when you get them near catnip is almost too cute for words when it's translated to a hypnotized hunam... she's also got the cutest little "Mew?" when she's in cat-mode.

Oh, and have you *any* idea how sexy it is when a girl like Lizzi, wearing nothing but underwear stalks around on all fours like she's the most beautiful kitty in the world?

It's *DAMN* sexy! :oD


notyou said...

I'm jealous, I've never been able to really achieve perfect post hypnotic amnesia. I'll accidentally remember something that I shouldn't be allowed to remember, which throws my thoughts in chaos as my mind tries to forget what it just remembered. It's very distracting and a tad unpleasent.

Do you have other suggestions that have worked out well? Here's one that's worked well for us:

Set up a trigger so that the ringing of a small bell causes the subject to think a certain thought. Then, attach the bell to the subject somehow so that movement causes it to ring. This way, the trigger is constantly reinforced. My fiance and I use this trigger often, linking the bell to various things:
- wanting to clean
- arousal
- freezing/going blank for one second (makes it difficult to walk across a room)
- staying focused on work
- sleep aid

If you're into fembots, you might want to try out this scenario/trigger as well: How to control someone with a remote control

Lex said...

Notyou, that fembot scenario you mention in the mcforum is FANTASTIC! :oO

Now if only lizzidoll was as much into fembots as I was... still, it doesn't necessarily have to be "fembot" programming, any "Magic Remote" scenario will do.

As for hypnotic amnesia, I've created a few post hypnotic triggers to prevent Lizzidoll from remembering things I don't want her to. One is a kind of loop: When she tries to remember her trance, she grows blank and sleepy, and her mind instead focuses on reinforcing the programming I've given her. The harder she tries to remember, the more blank and focused on not remembering she'll become.


LizziDoll said...

Hellooo everyone! I'm playing the go-between for Pet, since she's being all stubborn and tight-lipped and won't make a comment or post herself. Silly I know, but I don't mind posting, so I thought I'd pass on what she wanted to reply to Notyou's commment. And plus, Pet's made it so that Liz just scrolls past this comment when she's reading! How cool is that!

"Liz isn't as controlled as she appears (or as Lex would like to think ;). It's only been in the last month that Lex has been able to stop Liz from remembering things she's not supposed to (and the things she knows she doesn't -want- to remember herself).

Lex -did- give Liz the programming he mentioned, however I tend to modify his programming slightly to best fit Liz. If I know something will work more effectively for her, then I'll change the programming to fit - achieving the desired result in the end.

Regarding forgetting trances themselves, Liz tends to recall them when she's got a quiet moment to think. If her mind is busy with other things, she'll not focus on Lex or trances long enough to be able to find the memories she's not supposed to. By making sure that when she begins to concentrate on remembering her trances, she just as quickly flits onto another thought, it keeps her off-balance for a while.

Though, even this isn't full proof. If she was dead-set on recalling something, she'll remember it eventually. But, at least this is a progressive step all the same."

Hope that's helped Notyou!

Bye Bye!

Briony X x

Grey said...

Sounds like you're having much fun all round.

Blnkstr said...

Fantastico indeed! This has been a really fine journal so far, and I love looking forward to more. The Puppy-Lizzi scenario is verrrrry intriguing. I really enjoyed reading about the puppy's mindset, and having her walking on two legs and holding hands as if on a leash is a very creative way of turning normally-seeming behaviors into hypnotic effects. I love seeing new ideas of how to make reinforcements and triggers that seem to be innocuous or "innocent." Thanks!

K-8 said...

I'd so like to see a vid of that (the puppy *and/or* the kitty)! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Can you make a hypnosis video to make the viewer think he/she is a puppy? Could you post it on YOUTUBE?