Thursday, 20 September 2007

Becky Speed

We had a long but fun day with Becky, the drive down was great, we took the toll road, so avoided all the usual traffic snarl ups around Birmingham. We actually ended up there an hour ahead of schedule, so took the oppurtunity to chill out by a duck pond for a bit. I was tempted to put Lizzi into "puppy mode" and have her chase down the ducks, but resisted (just about)

Becky's been modelling for a few years. She very chatty, friendly and
very easy to get along with, she'd not been hypnotized before, but was very interested. While I was setting up, she and Lizzi chatted a bit about this and that, hypnosis and what kind of things it's capable of. As Becky didn't seem quite convinced that she herself was going to be hypnotized very shortly, I took the oppurtunity to zap Lizzi with a freeze trigger. (All hypnosis is self hypnosis at the end of the day, but if you can convince a person that you have magical hypno powers, they're *much* more likely to drop deep into a trance for you before you can tell them how heavy their eyes are becoming)

Becky seemed pretty intrigued by how I had Liz all thoughtless, frozen and posable, and when I unfroze Liz (who was none the wiser) I think it made quite an impression. Me being me though, I can't keep Liz in the dark for too long without looking smug or gloating in some way that I know something she doesn't, so it wasn't long before Liz was giving me a good kicking. (She's so harsh!)

I set up, rearranging her room a little to maximise the light in front of her, and we began. The induction took about 10 minutes, and it wasn't too long before I had Becky's hands locked together while she struggled to seperate them. From there we did deepeners, and worked our way through the script I'd prepared.

In the past I usually just take a list of suggestions, but I often get a little stumped as to how exactly to phrase things. This time the script was much more detailed, and I think it made the whole thing go that much more smoothly.

Here's a list of the suggestions I gave her:


Floating Hands

Hands Locked

Doesn't remember being hypnotized... or what her name is.

Mind Blank / Eyes open in trance.

Mind Wipe - Pleasure / Confusion Trigger

Blank While awake

Miss Mannequin

FLASH (bra)

Blank Undressing / Posing

Frozen while posing in bra

Blank and topless

FLASH (no bra!)

Time Loop

Deeper and Deeper

Good Girl Pleasure Trigger

Blank and staring


"Really got to take off my top"

Arms out, topless hypno zombie

Hypno Puppy

Cute model / Raunchy model switch-a-round (Topless)

Forgotten how to dress herself

Dresses in a corset

Blank posing

"The rhinocerous is humping my car!"

Hypno bondage

Angry at her smashed up car / Apologetic at hitting my car switch-a-round

Hypno bondage / Hypnotickling

Remote Control / Freeze / Salute / Walk / Mute / Mouth Stuck Shut /

Pose Mode while blank / pissed off

Meek submissive slavegirl wants to please.

"Yes Sir" poses on command.


There were a *lot* of very good scenes in this one. My favourite moments were the fembot section, (as Becky looks *great* in PVC and moves like she was built, not born) the Angry / Apologetic car accident girl, (as her behaviour just switched from being soooo pissed off and insulting to extremely apologetic) Cute / Raunchy model, and the Time Loop.

A lot of the time, Becky was aware she was following hypnotic suggestions, she really had no ability to stop though. At one point I'm telling her to stop flashing me while she waves her boobs at me over and over and over and... (you probably get the picture)

It'll be online at my clips4sale store soon anyway.


Becky Speed - Fembot

Becky Speed - Highlights

Lil too tired to blog right now, I've been video and photo editing for most of the evening. In the meantime, here are some nice pictures of Becky Speed under hypnosis. Lizzidoll was under hypnosis at various times during the session too (having a partner handy to zap with hypno triggers really does make you look far more convincing as a hypnotist) but there aren't any pictures of her. You'll have to make do with the Becky ones ;o)

Click the pics to see a larger version.


Frozen Whilst Posing

Undressing, her mind a blank

Hypnotically bound

Fembot in Mannequin Mode

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

The Other Side of the Lens

I attended my first Entrancement Hypno Shoot this weekend. I wasn't too sure about it at first, but once the initial fear of the unknown had subsided, I began to really enjoy myself. Becky was a lovely girl and the shoot went extremely well (which made the long trek down there all worthwhile). Though it was only towards the end that she mentioned that she had a few robotic-style PVC and catsuits handy, and straight away Lex's eyes lit up.... Bless ;)

The Becky-bot YouTube clip gives it's own explanation as to why he hasn't stopped talking about her robotic experience. Full credit to her, it's one of the best I've seen.

Low and behold though, he couldn't resist the opportunity to show off. My presence there suddenly switched to a demonstration dummy as he began to play. At one point, he'd got us both under whilst I was being used as a hypno-tickling prop!

- I'll point out now that this -wasn't- me.... Lex went and fished Briony out (even after all of my warning glares!), though that may have had something to do with the way Fembot-Liz tends to malfunction at unexpected times ;) -

I apologise for any shoddy camera work though. That was my first shoot, and I've never done filming before.... We all learn at some point, I guess. Though I've yet to see it back myself, the YouTube clip didn't look bad (even with Lex's little sound effects ;), so we'll have to wait and see what it turns out like....

It was really exciting seeing the shoot from the other side of a camera (even if it -is- just to point and announce "I was there!" :P). I was so embarrassed when Lex caught me slipping during some of the induction and re-enforcement trances though. I'd begun to focus less on his words, and was lulled by his hypnotic tone - until he snapped me out of it off-camera.... *blushes*

I definately hadn't expected that to happen, perhaps I was feeling left out ;)

I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, and I'll definately be attending the next one. After all, -someone's- got to make sure he behaves himself!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Animal Antics - Another Perspective

Not that anyone's asked, as so far only Grey and Lev seem to be commenting on the posts... but I thought I'd write about what it's like for me when I put Liz into "puppy mode"

- Oh, and as a side note, we're getting 30+ hits a day, they don't *all* come from Lizzidoll and myself feverishly hitting our refresh buttons! Say "Hi", send us emails and comment on what you'd like to see / hear more about. -

Right! Puppy-Liz then, what's all that about? Well as Lizzy's said, she kind of has a thing for dogs. (No not in *that* way) she just finds them totally cute and adorable, and has on a couple of occasions mentioned that she'd like to be a labrador puppy. Who am I not to give my lady everything she could ask for? [*devious grin*]

The first time I made Liz a puppy I told her she'd feel playful, curious, friendly, and obedient. (typical puppy feelings.) I woke her up on 3, and she gave a sleepy blink... followed by a wide-eyed stare as her head jerked up to look around her. She looked pretty amazed to find herself sat beside me, (though I gather puppies are amazed by pretty much anything more complex than single-celled organisms...) and her head kept swooping this way and that as she took in her surroundings. I asked her how she felt, and she gave a happy "Rrrrrr-Uff!" as she jumped up, placing her hands (uh... I mean "paws") on my knee and nuzzling my face. (As a kitten or puppy she doesn't kiss, but there's a lot of curling up, rubbing against stuff and nuzzling)

She started exploring the room on all fours, sniffing about, no self-consciousness whatsoever - when her jeans started to slip down revealing her underwear she just *kept on* excitedly poking around!- and eventually pounced on one of my shoes. She came trotting back over to me happily, my shoe in her mouth and dropped it expectantly at my feet. Did she really want me to play fetch with her? I gathered from her playful growling, pounce-ready position, and puppy eyes looking up at me that she did.

Playing with Puppy Liz is a really fun experience, she'll play dead, chase her tail, beg, fetch, sit, and speak! (

I've also taken her out in public a couple of times, although in that situation, I told Liz she'd walk on 2 legs like normal, be able to speak simple phrases, but see the world from a puppy's viewpoint, (far easier to do that than to *actually* walk around town with a girl on all fours ;o) puppy thoughts are fairly simplistic "Pigeon! Chase! / He Smells Weird / She Smells Nice / I Hate Cats / I Love You Master" and like Lizzi said, she holds onto my hand or arm like it's a leash.

Usually when I return Liz to normal after time as a puppy she flushes a little bit, accusingly she'll ask me "Who've you had out *this* time?" but the bite (or punch to the arm) that comes from her waking to find herself posed in some sexy position isn't there, so I *think* she probably knows (and feels good about the fact) she's been spending time as my pup.

On returning to normal after her time as my hypno-kitty, she's usually feeling very chilled out and affectionate, so it's not a bad way to get Liz in the mood for cuddles ;o)

Speaking of hypno-kitty mode... it's one of my favourite things to see Liz do I think. The way cats press up to you for attention, or roll on their back while you tickle their tummy... or go *nuts* when you get them near catnip is almost too cute for words when it's translated to a hypnotized hunam... she's also got the cutest little "Mew?" when she's in cat-mode.

Oh, and have you *any* idea how sexy it is when a girl like Lizzi, wearing nothing but underwear stalks around on all fours like she's the most beautiful kitty in the world?

It's *DAMN* sexy! :oD

Animal Antics

At the moment, I've two animal triggers (well, to my knowledge anyway). A puppy trigger, and a kitten one. Usually, I only realise they've been in use by waking up on all fours...or with a shoe in my mouth following a game of "fetch". Then, there's always Lex's really annoying "I know something that you don't know!" face, which makes it painfully obvious he's been upto no good as usual.

I've quite a thing for dogs and puppies. There's just something so pure and loveable about them, so no matter what mood you're in, when you arrive home there's always at least one affectionate face waiting for you. It's not surprising then, how easily I slip into my four-legged alias (Lex has even pointed out on a few occasions how my everyday behaviour reminds him of a puppy :P). Lex had been playing with 'puppy-me' for a while...Though I think that was partly with the intention of kicking me off the couch...

Lex, I only snooped with our reader's best interests at heart! Honest! ;)

I don't think I could do justice to the experience of being a puppy, but I'll try to describe it for you. It's like visiting a carnival when you're a kid...The world seems to have an added sense of wonderment. Sounds are more distracting, scents more inviting, and colours more prominent (no, I don't see in black and white :P). When we're in public, the length of my arm and his when we're holding hands is the extent of my 'leash'. However in quieter areas, I'm free to allow my curiosity to run amok. As a puppy, even my brattiness can poke through my instinctive loyalty, and it's extremely amusing to bite and tug at Lex's trouser legs ;)

As a kitty however, I tend to vary between being a cat and a kitten...It seems to depend on my mood. My puppy trigger generally takes care of my excited, playful energy, so it's very rare I'll choose to carry on whilst I'm a kitten. As a cat I love close proximity (actually, that's much the same as I am normally....I guess I -do- have some rather animalistic traits :P), however I tend to -demand- attention more. Regardless of what Lex is doing at the time, if I want my chin tickling, I'll badger, nuzzle, and annoy him until I feel sufficiently attended to....Before dropping him like a rock in favour of curling up on the bed ;)

I'm quite fortunate in that I'm very good at compartmentalising my mind. I can put all of my aliases into little filing cabinets in the back of my mind (or even retrieving memories when I want to), and separate them from my conscious mind. However even this doesn't stop me from getting -really- confused and lost at times. I could be singing along to music one minute, then the next I'm staring up at Lex on all fours. Unless I make a special point of snooping, I'm only left with Lex's account of what's been happening (which as a Law Student, I know to take such things with a pinch of salt ;)

But there's always the times when my conscious mind wriggles out from under the hypnotic blanket, and then of course things don't always go as planned for the hypnotist...

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Lizzidoll - A Public Attraction?

I was over at Lex's this weekend. He was online chatting to Dr Lev, I of course, was quietly minding my own business (curiously reading over his shoulder ;). Before long, Lex asked me if I'd mind going on webcam. My initial reaction was a giggly "No!", but the more I considered the idea, the more I began to see the appeal. I agreed, though didn't want to give him the satisfaction of a triumph, so I lay on the bed, out of view. With hindsight, I probably shouldn't have underestimated him. Give a guy a reason to show off, and he'll jump at it. He began posing me for Lev's amusement, freezing me (and demonstrating some of the poses I recently discovered I had after reading a certain blog post....).

As I awoke, Lex's mischevious grin and smug demeanor told me that he'd been upto mischeif again. Unfortunately, he's cottoned onto my sneaky ways I try and recall my trances (though undoubtedly with inside help) and watched with a smirk as my eyelids grew heavy and I fought to keep myself awake.

Although, I -did- have my own shining moment later. I've come to realise that snapping out of trances and scaring lex is -much- more effective when he's hovering just inches away from my face ;)

I tend to be really curious at times, and Lex and Lev found it extremely amusing to render me unable to eavesdrop on their conversation. When a message began with the word 'Private', I'd be unable to read any further than that word. My confusion turned into skepticism, and then into bratty curiosity as I demanded to know what they were keeping from me (unfortunately even my puppy dog eyes couldn't persuade him ;).

Lev was even given his very own trigger for me. I was reading over Lex's shoulder again, talking to Lev whilst Lex relayed my messages.

"So Lizzi, have you had an enjoyable evening?" he asked.
"Yes I have thanks - what I remember of it anyway." I replied, shooting a glare at Lex and absently pulling down my shirt (which I'd hoisted up to my ears as I'd read my name).

Lex recieved a good whack for -that- little stunt later on...

I've got to say though, all my protests aside, I really enjoyed camming. I took a certain amount of pride in allowing Lex to play with me for Lev. And of course, he was safe in the knowledge that I wouldn't play up for an audience (well....Not -yet- anyway ;)

However let me say that I won't be starring in my own Entrancement videos for a -long- while. Sorry to disappoint :P

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Drawing: LizziDoll

No Pics of Lizzidoll just yet, but here's a doodle I did of her to give you a good idea of what she looks like. I thought I'd break the blog up with some pics and drawings from time to time, makes things a little more interesting.

Hand drawn in pencil, then scanned traced and coloured in Photoshop.

Now... Who wants to see me draw her looking mind controlled? :oD

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Fun Freeze Frolics

If you have a freeze fetish, and a partner that's interested in playing some freeze-related games, I'd definitely recommend trying this suggestion out. It doesn't necessarily have to be a hypnotic trigger, though that does add an extra level of time-stop like voyeurism, when you get to carry on moving and manipulating things behind the scenes while your partner is unaware of anything, locked in the moment.

"Whenever I kiss you, you're able to move, whenever I stop kissing you, you freeze in place, thoughtless, poseable, unaware of any time passing."

I've tried this with Lizzidoll and it's *extremely* yummy! Kinda sexy to pull back for a moment (or a few minutes) and see the look of pleasure fixed on her face. Only resuming movement when I either carry on kissing her, or use her "move" trigger.

I've also given her an "Assume xxxx position" trigger, and I'm getting her to learn fixed poses. My mind has this annoying habit of going blank just when I don't want it to though (she kinda has that effect on me ;)) So I could do with some suggestions of other poses to get her to adopt. I'm looking for fun and cool poses as well as the standard kinky submissive ones.

So far she has the following poses:

  • On all fours, back arched, butt in the air.
  • Arms bent out like a sex doll, mouth open, legs spread
  • Kneeling, head tilted upwards, legs apart, hands placed on her knees
  • Standing to attention, breasts and butt sticking out, gazing into the distance.

  • Would anyone like to recommend any more?

    How would you pose a life-size hypnodolly? ;oD