Wednesday, 29 August 2007

You don't know me yet, but you'll love me!

Hellooo there!!

Well, isn't this all exciting, blogging and all! This is one of Lizzi's better halves broadcasting from inside the beast herself (well, she's not too aware I'm writing this, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?)

She thinks I -live- to annoy and plot against her. Ha! I live to serve my Master..... plotting against her is just plain fun ;) Hehehe. Actually, her blog entry made me smile. She -never- uses the term 'Master'..... that's -my- name. He wanted me to call him that, and I was more than happy to oblige (that's why he loves me the bestest!). She's usually too stupid and bratty to call him that, calling him all sorts of horrible names, I don't know how he puts up with her! Why can't she just be like me?

Now I love to win. And winning one over on Lizzi is a great past-time of mine. At first, my Master gave me a great deal of control over her. I could pop out whenever I liked, seize control over her body and let her yell about it later. More recently though, he's shifted the control over to Pet! How mean is that? Now I have to get past -her- too. Hmph. Alright, I -may- have deserved it, but she's too tempting not to mess with! And she's so uptight about who's around or whatever. I don't mind who's around when I'm playing, but Lizzi was horrified when Master showed her some footage of me hugging trees and running around lamp posts in the middle of town. Oooh, I didn't ask anyone walking past if they wanted to join in! Where are my manners? ;)

One of my more memorable wins was when we were out clothes shopping in town. Lizzi like -never- wears dresses.... something about her not liking her legs or something silly like that. But he just let me barge through and have my fun in one of the stores, and we picked out this blue dress (that was just -perty-!) and some skirts and matching tops for me to try on. After changing, my Master wanted Lizzi to remember a little bit about the fun we'd been having, enough to be all bratty for a while, but not -everything-. So I did something in each outfit she could remember later, from twirling around, to posing for my Master, to happy-dancing! Tee hee.

It's often hard finding moments when I can do these sort of things without her knowing. She's a very active mind, and spotting the rare moments when her mind wanders is only half the battle. I've then got Pet breathing down my neck making sure I don't do anything Lizzi wouldn't like. I tell you, they're such spoilsports! It's a different story when I'm with my Master though, as he can just bypass Lizzi and Pet and play with me for a while.

Isn't he -nice-? :P


polo said...

very well done Briony, and it's nice to meet a woman so eager to obey her master.
I hope Mr. Lex makes you anxious to respond to all our comments too!

Lex said...

I should think so, Briony *loves* attention, *loves* obeying me, and really enjoys seeing Lizzi wound up. :oP

Briony-fans, unite and send messages to the lil hypnohunny!*

*though for reasons of self-preservation, I should probably point out that I love Lizzidoll way more than Briony. Don't hit me Lizzi!!

LizziDoll said...

It's ok Master, I know you don't -really- mean that ;)

Hellooo Polo! I wanted to have a write earlier, but I had to wait until Lizzi was locked into something else before I could pop out. MSN does have it's uses I suppose :P

I loved blogging, it was fun! I'll have to find some time to blog some more! It's nice meeting all of my Master's friends :D I tried to get Pet to come out and say hello, but she's being all stubborn, think you can coax her into it, Master? I'm sure everyone wants to say hello to her too!

*giggles* Bye bye! X x

Grey said...

Hey, Briony, while it's pretty clear this time who's talking, maybe you could remember to sign your name, or tip us off in some other way since the colour thing doesn't work in the comments...