Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Welcome to our HypnoBlog!

Hello there, the name’s LizziDoll. I first became intrigued with the thought of being dominated and compelled through hypnosis story lines in some of the well-loved cartoons and television shows, but it had never occurred to me to actually give it a go myself. I was trawling through the abundance of hypno-clips present on YouTube when I fell upon Master Lex’s work. I was quite impressed with the great response he had received from the subject in his clip, posted a light-hearted congratulatory message and thought no more of it. I’d always saw myself as more of an ‘admirer from a distance’ with hypnosis, and hadn’t given trying it out myself a second thought really.

To my surprise, a few days later there was a message waiting for me in my inbox. Master Lex told me that he was based not far from where I lived, and asked if I was interested in giving hypnosis a try myself. At first I was a little reluctant, but he’s very persuasive when he wants to be ;) And soon I found myself chatting to him online.

I was very dubious that I could actually be controlled, though I knew I wanted to be. I’m a very head-strong, stubborn girl at times, and the thought of submitting my will to a more dominant male had always been a secret desire of mine. The thought of slipping into a delicious state of helplessness really did appeal deep down, however my naturally over-cautious conscious mind was a little reluctant to let down all my defences just yet.

Well, now that the formalities and introductions have been covered, although I’m sure my history is absolutely fascinating, I’m sure you’re all much more interested to hear some of the triggers my Master has given me. Well, I don’t like to disappoint =P

Freeze/Release: On the mention of this word, my body becomes locked in it’s current position. I’m still largely aware of what exactly Master Lex is doing during this time, but my surroundings seem to melt away. They become less and less important (a fact which I didn’t really believe until I was shown photos of a freezing session in public!). My Master can move me during this time, and I adopt the position he gives me, still frozen in place.

Bound/Release: This is similar, however I’m fully aware of my surroundings and the people around me. When a part of my body is tapped and my trigger is used, that part of my body becomes locked in place, unmovable and fixed.

Good Girl: This is my reward trigger, and releases a multitude of extremely pleasurable feelings; relaxation, pride, pleasure, contentment and submission. When Master Lex calls me his good girl, I can feel these sensations rippling throughout my entire body, my lower back, my legs and chest, my neck and lips. We’ve not increased this sensation to direct arousal at my request, but it’s certainly an amazing feeling.

Obey/Pet: These two triggers began initially as the first step in controlling my naturally rebellious nature. I’d find that often during commands I still had a fully active, bratty conscious mind who would often refuse to obey my Master’s commands. ‘Obey’ leaves my conscious mind free and active, however the command will be carried out by my subconscious. ‘Pet’ was a trigger added later which called my conscious mind to heel, and made me feel and experience exactly what I had been told to.

I’m sure I’ve more triggers, though it seems I just can’t quite recall them now – funny that, isn’t it? Aside from these triggers though, I’ve a number of personas that Master Lex has brought to the forefront on a number of occasions.

The three most memorable of these are Briony, Pet and Fembot (yes, I mean memorable in the sense that my conscious mind has an unfortunate habit of watching what’s going on during trances, something that Master Lex is currently trying to break me of). Briony is a feisty, devious submissive who’s only concern is how best to please her Master (and thinking up interesting and embarrassing triggers for me!). Pet first began as just a trigger, as mentioned above. But it seems my subconscious is using this small opening to pop out, too (something I didn’t quite believe until I realised I’d just sent an e-mail to my Master detailing a number of things I’d been thinking, but my self-conscious sensibilities wouldn’t ever have dreamed of documenting). ‘Fembot time’ (the trigger used to call upon my Fembot persona) involves a mental de-activation basically. I await commands, and my thoughts are much more regimented and clinically analysed. LizziDoll is just a programme that can be run at my Master’s command, and a fault within the programme can be easily corrected at my Master’s instruction.

At the moment, hypnosis is still a relatively new concept to me, and I’m still experimenting with my own subconscious. Master Lex is very understanding, and willing to take things as my own pace, which is a major factor in how I’ve come to trust him so quickly and easily (mind control being a notable bonus in this respect =P).

LizziDoll x


Grey said...

Actually, I'm more interested in your experiences than in your triggers - finding out more about you as a person is much more interesting than a shopping list of triggers...

Why should I be interested in knowing that (yet) another person has a freeze trigger? Getting to know Lizzidoll (who happens to have a couple of freeze triggers) and how she's experienced things sounds much more interesting. If you think it would be too revealing, that's fine, but there's at least one audience member keen to hear whatever personal reactions you care to share.

LizziDoll said...

I'll make sure I include more detail in future blog posts for you then. I'm relatively new to blogging and so I'm just finding my feet with what exactly I should be talking about. I'll improve over time though :)

Thank you for your interest though.

Lizzi X x