Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Welcome Indeed!

Welcome Indeed! This is Lex, or in Lizzidoll’s case, “Master Lex” though we’re not so totally committed to D/s behaviour that that’s *all* she calls me. More often than not she just calls me Lex… “Sir” if she’s in a submissive mood… or if she’s feeling bratty (which seems to be the most natural state of mind for her) I can end up being called all kinds of horrendous names, (none of which Lizzidoll *really* means, I’m sure.) ;o)

I’ve been performing hypnosis on friends and with partners for about 8 years now. I sell some videos online, and post previews on YouTube, that’s where Lizzidoll came in. She posted an interested and flirtatious sounding message, and I really can’t resist feisty sounding females, especially when they’re within range of my devious hypno-powers. >:o)

So we got chatting on MSN and voice chat, and I found out fairly quickly that although Lizzi has a stubborn, bratty, cheeky side to her (like she’s already mentioned in her post) she also has a very curious and inquisitive nature, (I’m pretty sure she’ll try pretty much anything two or three times just to see if she likes it) as well as a hidden submissive streak. This streak doesn’t really show up as anything more than light and infrequent hints that it’s there, but can become quite prominent if the conversation is lead in the right direction.

Fortunately, as a hypnotist I’m rather good at steering conversations towards topics I’d like to explore in more depth…

If Lizzi’s kept off her guard, she forgets how big a brat she is, and can find herself being quite frank and truthful. She admitted to me on one of these occasions that she’s been interested in hypnosis for a long time, and finds the idea of someone else having control over her very exciting, the thought of doing exactly what she’s commanded to whilst under, and later having no recollection of doing that task, is one of the main attractions hypnosis holds for her.

I (generously ;o) offered to hypnotize her via MSN, which she didn’t believe would be possible at first, but as I explained, if you can get involved in a movie, lost in a daydream, or captivated by a good book, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find the words of another person equally as involving and hypnotic, if not more so; after all, no books are written in realtime as you read them, (so few are as immediate as a good conversation) and I imagine very few books are actually written to hypnotize the reader, perhaps there’s a hole in the market there. ;o)

Before too long, I had Lizzi’s legs locked in place in her seat, her eyes totally fixed on my words and unable to look away (no matter how much she felt she was trying to) her cheekiness reasserted at this moment as I pointed out how easily I’d taken control of her “Let me GO you git!” she yelled.

Now, fun though it is to play power-games, I’m not one to torment a helpless damsel by doing something she truly doesn’t want me to. “You can only speak the truth for now, do you understand?” I told her. “Yes Sir” came the response. “Do you want me to let you go?” “No Sir, I really like what you’re doing with me and want to do more”

Our fun had begun.

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