Sunday, 26 August 2007

Remember the first time

So how did we first meet then? What shenanigans did we get up to? Well...

We'd been chatting online for a few weeks when the subject of meeting in person came up. (Not that it hadn't occurred to me pretty much from the moment Lizzi first switched on her webcam, revealed herself to be a gorgeous hunny and gave me that big cheeky grin)

As hypnosis had been a fairly major element of our online conversations, we both knew it could feature in our first real meeting. Although Liz is curious about the "sexy side" of hypnotic play, that's by no means the main attraction. So we're taking the sexiness slow. Although I've given Liz a "Good Girl" reward type pleasure trigger, it just gives a warm happy feeling all over (as opposed to erotic shivers of pleasure rippling through every intimate part of her)

She loves games though (of all kinds :oD) and hypnotic games that involve playing tricks on her conscious mind are all part of the fun.

I'd read in HypnoMaster D's blog a while ago that he had his sub casually strip out of her bra and panties in a food court, and not remember the incident till a few days later. Fun idea, I thought... but probably a *teensy* bit too much for a first meeting. I also remembered hearing (from the hypnotictriggers yahoo group) about a description of a woman's response to a post-hypnotic in an old book on the subject, this woman was given a trigger to take off her left stocking as soon as she'd eaten a spoonful of icecream. Hmmmm, ;o)

I met Lizzi in the middle of town, she'd brought a girl friend along (to make sure I wasn't a wild eyed psycho) so I introduced myself, and we chatted for a minute or so, when Liz's mate was satisfied in the knowledge that I wasn't going to do anything deviant or dodgy (or at least, that if I *did* try anything, Liz could easily overpower me, she's a few inches taller than me) she went her own way, and we made our way to local coffee shop.

We hit it off right away, which was great, as sometimes when you meet someone who you've been chatting to over the net everything's different. Example: Online it's much easier to sound intelligent, you can re-write a line that sounds stupid or doesn't make any sense, and if you're indulging in snappy banter, you get a few crucial seconds to come up with witty comebacks. In person if you spent 7-8 seconds thinking of a response you'd just look like a slack jawed simpleton.

(I suppose one of the benefits of having hypnosis as a tool for in-person play, is that if there *are* any big gaps in the conversation, you can always hypnotically freeze the other person while you think up something deep and profound to say... not that *I've* ever had to do that... well maybe two or three times... though mainly it's to reposition my frozen Lizzidoll mannequin in some amusing way.)

So, we were in the coffee shop, and after her third or fourth sip of her coffee I said "How's your drink?" to her. "Oh, it's fine" was her reply as she bent down under the table to unlace her trainer. I smiled to myself, the trigger I'd given her earlier was working perfectly. "It's really nice" she said, coming back up, her shoe in her hand and a smile on her face. She placed her trainer beside her drink on the table and carried on talking as though nothing unusual had happened.

The shop was fairly busy, but I didn't notice anyone paying us any more attention now that we had
footwear adorning our table, a couple of minutes later I tried again. "How's your drink?" and grinned to myself as Liz started to duck under the table once more. "Yeah it's good thanks" came her voice from under the table. A second later, she re-emerged, her second trainer held in her hand, which she carefully lined up beside the first, then to all intents and purposes completely forgot about.

And now for the moment of truth... "Sorry.... *How's* your drink?" I said with a wink, (this third question being the trigger for her to realise what the hell she's doing) "It's..." her brow crinkled into a confused frown "uh..." her lips apart, distracted, like she was working out a tricky puzzle. Then she looked down at her trainers on the table, noticing them for the first time. Her mouth opened in a gasp and as she peeked under the table to see her feet. "Argh you git!" she almost yelled at me. A couple of people turned our way at the noise, "I can't believe you made me do that in public!" she hissed, grabbing her shoes and unceremoniously stuffing her feet back into them.

"Freeze" I said. A blankness came over Lizzi's face as she sat facing me, the simultaneously amused and annoyed frown melting a little, her body fixed in position, but her expression looking vacant and thoughtless. I took a sip of my drink and smiled, taking in the scene. "Move"

It was going to be a fun day.


Doctor Lev said...

Were the triggers planted earlier during the actual meet, or as part of an online conversation beforehand?

Lex said...

They were planted during an online conversation beforehand, but I checked she was going to respond the way she'd been programmed to by using Liz's obedience trigger, her expression glazed the moment I used the trigger and she said "Yes Sir" before carrying on as normal.

ultra said...

Hey, I like hypnosis and what effects it can have on people. But to trigger your gf in like that is wicked. :P

How did you did the triggering trough online chatting ? I'm curious about that.