Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Picking out dresses

I see Briony's mentioned the time I had Liz try on a few dresses, that was a fun shopping excursion, let me tell the tale...

In case you've not gathered already, Liz isn't the kind of girl that wears dresses or skirts. We were shopping and the subject of "outfits" came up. Being a red blooded male, I'm obviously keen to see her dressed up in cute n sexy things. Being a stubborn lil so-and-so she's got no intention of dolling herself up for me that easily.

"That shop looks like it sells some nice dresses, like to take a look?" I asked.
"Get stuffed" she laughed in response.

Hmmmmm I thought. Sure, Lizzy's not going to cave that easily, but I think I know someone that would... I used her obedience trigger and watched as Liz's expression melted from amused and mildly smug to delighted and playful.

"Heya Briony"
"Heyyyyyyyy Master!"
"Want to wind up Liz?"
"Heeeheee, you bet I do!"
"Shall we take a look at some of these dresses?"
"Of *course* Master... Oooh! *That* one's horrendous, Liz would hate it!!"
"Don't you think we should at least pick a couple that'd look good on her?"
"Anything you like Master, as long as we get to wind Lizzi up."

So we went around the store, I picked out one dress in her favourite colour, (blue) that I knew would look great on her. One that looked nice, but I wasn't sure would suit, and the aforementioned "Horrendous" one, just for mischief. We went to the changing rooms and I had Briony go change.

While she was changing, I had an idea. When she came out wearing the "bad" dress (some orange blotchy thing) I asked Briony to stand in front of the mirror, and to fix this memory in her mind, so that when she went back to normal, I could trigger Liz to recall it later.
"Liz will recall doing this the moment she leaves the shop, Do you understand?" I then had Briony give a couple of twirls while she watched herself in the mirror.

The next dress I can't recall the details of, but this time when she stood in front of the mirror, I froze Briony, and spent an enjoyable couple of minutes posing my own shop mannequin. Twisting her head -this- way... parting her lips, moving her hand to her hip and bending her over a little... I couldn't be *too* obvious about it, as the shop was fairly small and the assistants were fairly helpful ;o) "Liz will remember this part when we enter the *next* shop that we go into" I said, then had her change again.

The final (blue) dress looked amazing on her, showed off her curves beautifully and she looked extremely elegant. This time I had Briony stand in front of the mirror while I used her "Pose" trigger. This trigger makes her assume a different pose and hold it, again, rather like a mannequin, except she's still consciously aware of what's going on and can chat to you while she poses. You can direct her as well, as in "Emphasise your breasts, Pose / Strike a victory position, Pose" and so on. I told Briony that Liz would remember this part after we left the next shop we went into. (spacing out the memories nicely) had her change back into her own clothes, and left the shop...

Briony had linked arms with me, but leaving the shop was the trigger for Liz to come back out and realise what we'd been up to. She stopped dead in her tracks, eyes widening as she looked at me, recalling that horrendous dress I'd had her put on and then twirl around in. Her hands flew to her mouth as she gasped in surprise. "What the hell did you just make me do!?" She asked accusingly.

More mischief came to mind. I know that Liz really wants to feel that her susceptibility to hypnosis has reached the point where she can be hypnotized to totally forget something real, or remember something unreal...

"Re-lax Liz, you didn't *really* do that... I just made you *think* that you did"
"Oh... really?" She asked, confused and uncertain.
"Well... mayyyybe you kind of did it for real, yeah" I said with a grin walking out of range before she could punch me. (I had to do *that* a few more times before our trip to town was over) :oD

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