Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Alternate Personalities

One of the things about hypnosis that I've always been fascinated by is the idea of a girl acting like a different person whilst under the influence of hypnotic programming. One minute our plucky heroine is trying to escape the villains dastardly clutches, but after a zap from a hypno ray she's become any one of the following:

A Submissive compliant servant, only too happy to please and obey.
A French maid "Oui Oui! I am 'appy to please monsieur!"
A Playful Puppy that just wants to chase a ball and have her tummy tickled.
A Shambling zombie, eyes rolling, mouth slack, arms outstretched.
A Fembot, mechanically carrying out the tasks she's been given to perform.
A Bimbo, obsessing over cars clothes boys and toys.
A Dominatrix! when usually she wouldn't say boo to a goose.
A Mannequin, totally unaware of the passage of time while she's posed, positioned, and displayed.

In my conversations and trances online with people, I've met a number of girls (and guys) to whom this has also appealed. One girl friend of mine enjoys the idea of being a mindless fembot, very much, obedient in every way, (and I do mean "every" way) but not wanting to remember afterwards what she got up to whilst in "fembot mode" I also met a shy girl who told me whilst under hypnosis that she wanted to become a flirtatious party animal, but didn't want to have to remember it once she returned to normal. (So where she'd normally flirt with a guy at a party, she'd never dance, touch or kiss him. Her party persona however would *leap* at the chance and would relish the oppurtunity to show off her moves on the dancefloor, or grind her hips against a boy she had the hots for)

Lizzi likes being submissive, but finds admitting that hard, and even though sometimes she's very submissive around me, she has to be in the right kind of mood, it's not something that I can automatically expect from her whenever I want it.

Her first reaction when she thinks of a girl that *is* instantly loving and submissive, one who panders happily and doe-eyed to her Master's every whim, is one of annoyance and sarcastic irritation.

Subconsciously though, it's a different story...

Whilst in hypnosis she told me that she'd like to try being that way now and then, partly to see if I *can* get her adopting submissive behaviour when she's feeling bratty and doesn't want to do as she's told and partly because it gives her a bigger excuse to complain and act up later. I asked if there was a girls name that she could identify this "extreme sub" persona with, and she picked the name Briony. (I gather she knows a real life girl by that name that she's not too fond of)

So Liz has an alternate
"Briony" persona. Briony's extremely bubbly, totally uninhibited, very submissive, playful, perky, and happy to obey commands immediately. (Although Liz would probably describe Briony as a childish muppet who shows off *all* the time, and is the worlds biggest asskisser) She's also got a mischievous streak that often leads to her thinking up ways to annoy or play tricks on Lizzi. Fun things though, ;o) like try on a bunch of dresses and dance around like a monkey. She isn't *really* a seperate personality, just a side of Lizzi that doesn't normally get shown. A vivid roleplay that Liz doesn't get to recall of later, having Briony around has lead to a fair few fun and games.

Expect to hear from her soon!

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