Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Mobile Mannequin

Reading back my first blog entry, I couldn't believe that I'd actually written it (though after checking back with Lex, I can't claim foul play unfortunately :P). This is my first blog, and I wasn't too sure what I should be writing, and what you'd all actually be interested in reading. I'd only ever really associated blogging with kids telling tales about their afternoon at the park, or adults moaning about their jobs. Before reading Lex and Playgirls Hypnosexy blog, and then Hypnomaster D's BDSM blog, documenting something like this had never occurred to me. So I guess I'm just easing myself in gently. I'll call that first post my 'stiff introduction'. Now, onto more important matters at hand.

I've got to say though...Seeing that bright pink text staring me smack in the face was rather a surprise... I should have known it wouldn't be long before Lex had my other personas rallying behind my back.

The incident he and Briony were referring to was one of the first wake-up calls I had to the fact that I would respond to hypnosis (within reason, of course) in public places. I'd always thought my naturally over-cautious mind wouldn't ever allow it to happen, but as I mentioned in my earlier post, posing in the middle of town as a mannequin wasn't something I expected either... It seems the inhibitions -I- have are cast aside by Briony's carefree personality, and it's been Lex who's saved me from a few of Briony's plots. Frankenstein's monster springs to mind really ;)

If I'm honest, I don't really mind these little schemes of his. A considerable amount of our time together is spent batting insults (-mine- being the majority, of course ;) back and forth, and out-doing each other in little bouts of revenge. Although technically, he has the advantage (how can a frozen doll argue back?), I like to regain a little ground from time to time. It keeps his head at a manageable size ;)

Actually, a good example of this would be something that popped into my head just this weekend. I was in a rather mischevious, bratty mood and thought I'd have some fun of my own. Lex had used my freeze trigger, and without thinking I stopped in my tracks, staring blankly out of the window. My conscious mind soon re-asserted itself then, and I realised what the heck I was doing. Though, instead of exercising my more colourful vocabulary, I decided to go for a different tactic this time. Remaining in position, I watched him from the corner of my eye. Content in his small victory, he turned back to what he was doing. I moved out of my hold, snuck up behind him, and gave him a loud "RARGH!!" before gleefully running out of the room (whilst he lowered himself from the ceiling fan ;)

I'm naturally a very head-strong, playful, bratty girl at times (in case you didn't get that earlier :P), and this has been very useful with Lex as it's as a nice way I can goad him into snapping me back into line with hypno-dominance. Which is just plain fun in itself :P My little outbursts and over-dramatised tantrums, which I'll admit, sometimes aren't really necessary (I'll never hear the end of -that- little revelation now) allow him the chance to 'call me to heel'.

Gives a little enjoyment for us both really.

Picking out dresses

I see Briony's mentioned the time I had Liz try on a few dresses, that was a fun shopping excursion, let me tell the tale...

In case you've not gathered already, Liz isn't the kind of girl that wears dresses or skirts. We were shopping and the subject of "outfits" came up. Being a red blooded male, I'm obviously keen to see her dressed up in cute n sexy things. Being a stubborn lil so-and-so she's got no intention of dolling herself up for me that easily.

"That shop looks like it sells some nice dresses, like to take a look?" I asked.
"Get stuffed" she laughed in response.

Hmmmmm I thought. Sure, Lizzy's not going to cave that easily, but I think I know someone that would... I used her obedience trigger and watched as Liz's expression melted from amused and mildly smug to delighted and playful.

"Heya Briony"
"Heyyyyyyyy Master!"
"Want to wind up Liz?"
"Heeeheee, you bet I do!"
"Shall we take a look at some of these dresses?"
"Of *course* Master... Oooh! *That* one's horrendous, Liz would hate it!!"
"Don't you think we should at least pick a couple that'd look good on her?"
"Anything you like Master, as long as we get to wind Lizzi up."

So we went around the store, I picked out one dress in her favourite colour, (blue) that I knew would look great on her. One that looked nice, but I wasn't sure would suit, and the aforementioned "Horrendous" one, just for mischief. We went to the changing rooms and I had Briony go change.

While she was changing, I had an idea. When she came out wearing the "bad" dress (some orange blotchy thing) I asked Briony to stand in front of the mirror, and to fix this memory in her mind, so that when she went back to normal, I could trigger Liz to recall it later.
"Liz will recall doing this the moment she leaves the shop, Do you understand?" I then had Briony give a couple of twirls while she watched herself in the mirror.

The next dress I can't recall the details of, but this time when she stood in front of the mirror, I froze Briony, and spent an enjoyable couple of minutes posing my own shop mannequin. Twisting her head -this- way... parting her lips, moving her hand to her hip and bending her over a little... I couldn't be *too* obvious about it, as the shop was fairly small and the assistants were fairly helpful ;o) "Liz will remember this part when we enter the *next* shop that we go into" I said, then had her change again.

The final (blue) dress looked amazing on her, showed off her curves beautifully and she looked extremely elegant. This time I had Briony stand in front of the mirror while I used her "Pose" trigger. This trigger makes her assume a different pose and hold it, again, rather like a mannequin, except she's still consciously aware of what's going on and can chat to you while she poses. You can direct her as well, as in "Emphasise your breasts, Pose / Strike a victory position, Pose" and so on. I told Briony that Liz would remember this part after we left the next shop we went into. (spacing out the memories nicely) had her change back into her own clothes, and left the shop...

Briony had linked arms with me, but leaving the shop was the trigger for Liz to come back out and realise what we'd been up to. She stopped dead in her tracks, eyes widening as she looked at me, recalling that horrendous dress I'd had her put on and then twirl around in. Her hands flew to her mouth as she gasped in surprise. "What the hell did you just make me do!?" She asked accusingly.

More mischief came to mind. I know that Liz really wants to feel that her susceptibility to hypnosis has reached the point where she can be hypnotized to totally forget something real, or remember something unreal...

"Re-lax Liz, you didn't *really* do that... I just made you *think* that you did"
"Oh... really?" She asked, confused and uncertain.
"Well... mayyyybe you kind of did it for real, yeah" I said with a grin walking out of range before she could punch me. (I had to do *that* a few more times before our trip to town was over) :oD

You don't know me yet, but you'll love me!

Hellooo there!!

Well, isn't this all exciting, blogging and all! This is one of Lizzi's better halves broadcasting from inside the beast herself (well, she's not too aware I'm writing this, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her, right?)

She thinks I -live- to annoy and plot against her. Ha! I live to serve my Master..... plotting against her is just plain fun ;) Hehehe. Actually, her blog entry made me smile. She -never- uses the term 'Master'..... that's -my- name. He wanted me to call him that, and I was more than happy to oblige (that's why he loves me the bestest!). She's usually too stupid and bratty to call him that, calling him all sorts of horrible names, I don't know how he puts up with her! Why can't she just be like me?

Now I love to win. And winning one over on Lizzi is a great past-time of mine. At first, my Master gave me a great deal of control over her. I could pop out whenever I liked, seize control over her body and let her yell about it later. More recently though, he's shifted the control over to Pet! How mean is that? Now I have to get past -her- too. Hmph. Alright, I -may- have deserved it, but she's too tempting not to mess with! And she's so uptight about who's around or whatever. I don't mind who's around when I'm playing, but Lizzi was horrified when Master showed her some footage of me hugging trees and running around lamp posts in the middle of town. Oooh, I didn't ask anyone walking past if they wanted to join in! Where are my manners? ;)

One of my more memorable wins was when we were out clothes shopping in town. Lizzi like -never- wears dresses.... something about her not liking her legs or something silly like that. But he just let me barge through and have my fun in one of the stores, and we picked out this blue dress (that was just -perty-!) and some skirts and matching tops for me to try on. After changing, my Master wanted Lizzi to remember a little bit about the fun we'd been having, enough to be all bratty for a while, but not -everything-. So I did something in each outfit she could remember later, from twirling around, to posing for my Master, to happy-dancing! Tee hee.

It's often hard finding moments when I can do these sort of things without her knowing. She's a very active mind, and spotting the rare moments when her mind wanders is only half the battle. I've then got Pet breathing down my neck making sure I don't do anything Lizzi wouldn't like. I tell you, they're such spoilsports! It's a different story when I'm with my Master though, as he can just bypass Lizzi and Pet and play with me for a while.

Isn't he -nice-? :P

Alternate Personalities

One of the things about hypnosis that I've always been fascinated by is the idea of a girl acting like a different person whilst under the influence of hypnotic programming. One minute our plucky heroine is trying to escape the villains dastardly clutches, but after a zap from a hypno ray she's become any one of the following:

A Submissive compliant servant, only too happy to please and obey.
A French maid "Oui Oui! I am 'appy to please monsieur!"
A Playful Puppy that just wants to chase a ball and have her tummy tickled.
A Shambling zombie, eyes rolling, mouth slack, arms outstretched.
A Fembot, mechanically carrying out the tasks she's been given to perform.
A Bimbo, obsessing over cars clothes boys and toys.
A Dominatrix! when usually she wouldn't say boo to a goose.
A Mannequin, totally unaware of the passage of time while she's posed, positioned, and displayed.

In my conversations and trances online with people, I've met a number of girls (and guys) to whom this has also appealed. One girl friend of mine enjoys the idea of being a mindless fembot, very much, obedient in every way, (and I do mean "every" way) but not wanting to remember afterwards what she got up to whilst in "fembot mode" I also met a shy girl who told me whilst under hypnosis that she wanted to become a flirtatious party animal, but didn't want to have to remember it once she returned to normal. (So where she'd normally flirt with a guy at a party, she'd never dance, touch or kiss him. Her party persona however would *leap* at the chance and would relish the oppurtunity to show off her moves on the dancefloor, or grind her hips against a boy she had the hots for)

Lizzi likes being submissive, but finds admitting that hard, and even though sometimes she's very submissive around me, she has to be in the right kind of mood, it's not something that I can automatically expect from her whenever I want it.

Her first reaction when she thinks of a girl that *is* instantly loving and submissive, one who panders happily and doe-eyed to her Master's every whim, is one of annoyance and sarcastic irritation.

Subconsciously though, it's a different story...

Whilst in hypnosis she told me that she'd like to try being that way now and then, partly to see if I *can* get her adopting submissive behaviour when she's feeling bratty and doesn't want to do as she's told and partly because it gives her a bigger excuse to complain and act up later. I asked if there was a girls name that she could identify this "extreme sub" persona with, and she picked the name Briony. (I gather she knows a real life girl by that name that she's not too fond of)

So Liz has an alternate
"Briony" persona. Briony's extremely bubbly, totally uninhibited, very submissive, playful, perky, and happy to obey commands immediately. (Although Liz would probably describe Briony as a childish muppet who shows off *all* the time, and is the worlds biggest asskisser) She's also got a mischievous streak that often leads to her thinking up ways to annoy or play tricks on Lizzi. Fun things though, ;o) like try on a bunch of dresses and dance around like a monkey. She isn't *really* a seperate personality, just a side of Lizzi that doesn't normally get shown. A vivid roleplay that Liz doesn't get to recall of later, having Briony around has lead to a fair few fun and games.

Expect to hear from her soon!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Remember the first time

So how did we first meet then? What shenanigans did we get up to? Well...

We'd been chatting online for a few weeks when the subject of meeting in person came up. (Not that it hadn't occurred to me pretty much from the moment Lizzi first switched on her webcam, revealed herself to be a gorgeous hunny and gave me that big cheeky grin)

As hypnosis had been a fairly major element of our online conversations, we both knew it could feature in our first real meeting. Although Liz is curious about the "sexy side" of hypnotic play, that's by no means the main attraction. So we're taking the sexiness slow. Although I've given Liz a "Good Girl" reward type pleasure trigger, it just gives a warm happy feeling all over (as opposed to erotic shivers of pleasure rippling through every intimate part of her)

She loves games though (of all kinds :oD) and hypnotic games that involve playing tricks on her conscious mind are all part of the fun.

I'd read in HypnoMaster D's blog a while ago that he had his sub casually strip out of her bra and panties in a food court, and not remember the incident till a few days later. Fun idea, I thought... but probably a *teensy* bit too much for a first meeting. I also remembered hearing (from the hypnotictriggers yahoo group) about a description of a woman's response to a post-hypnotic in an old book on the subject, this woman was given a trigger to take off her left stocking as soon as she'd eaten a spoonful of icecream. Hmmmm, ;o)

I met Lizzi in the middle of town, she'd brought a girl friend along (to make sure I wasn't a wild eyed psycho) so I introduced myself, and we chatted for a minute or so, when Liz's mate was satisfied in the knowledge that I wasn't going to do anything deviant or dodgy (or at least, that if I *did* try anything, Liz could easily overpower me, she's a few inches taller than me) she went her own way, and we made our way to local coffee shop.

We hit it off right away, which was great, as sometimes when you meet someone who you've been chatting to over the net everything's different. Example: Online it's much easier to sound intelligent, you can re-write a line that sounds stupid or doesn't make any sense, and if you're indulging in snappy banter, you get a few crucial seconds to come up with witty comebacks. In person if you spent 7-8 seconds thinking of a response you'd just look like a slack jawed simpleton.

(I suppose one of the benefits of having hypnosis as a tool for in-person play, is that if there *are* any big gaps in the conversation, you can always hypnotically freeze the other person while you think up something deep and profound to say... not that *I've* ever had to do that... well maybe two or three times... though mainly it's to reposition my frozen Lizzidoll mannequin in some amusing way.)

So, we were in the coffee shop, and after her third or fourth sip of her coffee I said "How's your drink?" to her. "Oh, it's fine" was her reply as she bent down under the table to unlace her trainer. I smiled to myself, the trigger I'd given her earlier was working perfectly. "It's really nice" she said, coming back up, her shoe in her hand and a smile on her face. She placed her trainer beside her drink on the table and carried on talking as though nothing unusual had happened.

The shop was fairly busy, but I didn't notice anyone paying us any more attention now that we had
footwear adorning our table, a couple of minutes later I tried again. "How's your drink?" and grinned to myself as Liz started to duck under the table once more. "Yeah it's good thanks" came her voice from under the table. A second later, she re-emerged, her second trainer held in her hand, which she carefully lined up beside the first, then to all intents and purposes completely forgot about.

And now for the moment of truth... "Sorry.... *How's* your drink?" I said with a wink, (this third question being the trigger for her to realise what the hell she's doing) "It's..." her brow crinkled into a confused frown "uh..." her lips apart, distracted, like she was working out a tricky puzzle. Then she looked down at her trainers on the table, noticing them for the first time. Her mouth opened in a gasp and as she peeked under the table to see her feet. "Argh you git!" she almost yelled at me. A couple of people turned our way at the noise, "I can't believe you made me do that in public!" she hissed, grabbing her shoes and unceremoniously stuffing her feet back into them.

"Freeze" I said. A blankness came over Lizzi's face as she sat facing me, the simultaneously amused and annoyed frown melting a little, her body fixed in position, but her expression looking vacant and thoughtless. I took a sip of my drink and smiled, taking in the scene. "Move"

It was going to be a fun day.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Welcome Indeed!

Welcome Indeed! This is Lex, or in Lizzidoll’s case, “Master Lex” though we’re not so totally committed to D/s behaviour that that’s *all* she calls me. More often than not she just calls me Lex… “Sir” if she’s in a submissive mood… or if she’s feeling bratty (which seems to be the most natural state of mind for her) I can end up being called all kinds of horrendous names, (none of which Lizzidoll *really* means, I’m sure.) ;o)

I’ve been performing hypnosis on friends and with partners for about 8 years now. I sell some videos online, and post previews on YouTube, that’s where Lizzidoll came in. She posted an interested and flirtatious sounding message, and I really can’t resist feisty sounding females, especially when they’re within range of my devious hypno-powers. >:o)

So we got chatting on MSN and voice chat, and I found out fairly quickly that although Lizzi has a stubborn, bratty, cheeky side to her (like she’s already mentioned in her post) she also has a very curious and inquisitive nature, (I’m pretty sure she’ll try pretty much anything two or three times just to see if she likes it) as well as a hidden submissive streak. This streak doesn’t really show up as anything more than light and infrequent hints that it’s there, but can become quite prominent if the conversation is lead in the right direction.

Fortunately, as a hypnotist I’m rather good at steering conversations towards topics I’d like to explore in more depth…

If Lizzi’s kept off her guard, she forgets how big a brat she is, and can find herself being quite frank and truthful. She admitted to me on one of these occasions that she’s been interested in hypnosis for a long time, and finds the idea of someone else having control over her very exciting, the thought of doing exactly what she’s commanded to whilst under, and later having no recollection of doing that task, is one of the main attractions hypnosis holds for her.

I (generously ;o) offered to hypnotize her via MSN, which she didn’t believe would be possible at first, but as I explained, if you can get involved in a movie, lost in a daydream, or captivated by a good book, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find the words of another person equally as involving and hypnotic, if not more so; after all, no books are written in realtime as you read them, (so few are as immediate as a good conversation) and I imagine very few books are actually written to hypnotize the reader, perhaps there’s a hole in the market there. ;o)

Before too long, I had Lizzi’s legs locked in place in her seat, her eyes totally fixed on my words and unable to look away (no matter how much she felt she was trying to) her cheekiness reasserted at this moment as I pointed out how easily I’d taken control of her “Let me GO you git!” she yelled.

Now, fun though it is to play power-games, I’m not one to torment a helpless damsel by doing something she truly doesn’t want me to. “You can only speak the truth for now, do you understand?” I told her. “Yes Sir” came the response. “Do you want me to let you go?” “No Sir, I really like what you’re doing with me and want to do more”

Our fun had begun.

Welcome to our HypnoBlog!

Hello there, the name’s LizziDoll. I first became intrigued with the thought of being dominated and compelled through hypnosis story lines in some of the well-loved cartoons and television shows, but it had never occurred to me to actually give it a go myself. I was trawling through the abundance of hypno-clips present on YouTube when I fell upon Master Lex’s work. I was quite impressed with the great response he had received from the subject in his clip, posted a light-hearted congratulatory message and thought no more of it. I’d always saw myself as more of an ‘admirer from a distance’ with hypnosis, and hadn’t given trying it out myself a second thought really.

To my surprise, a few days later there was a message waiting for me in my inbox. Master Lex told me that he was based not far from where I lived, and asked if I was interested in giving hypnosis a try myself. At first I was a little reluctant, but he’s very persuasive when he wants to be ;) And soon I found myself chatting to him online.

I was very dubious that I could actually be controlled, though I knew I wanted to be. I’m a very head-strong, stubborn girl at times, and the thought of submitting my will to a more dominant male had always been a secret desire of mine. The thought of slipping into a delicious state of helplessness really did appeal deep down, however my naturally over-cautious conscious mind was a little reluctant to let down all my defences just yet.

Well, now that the formalities and introductions have been covered, although I’m sure my history is absolutely fascinating, I’m sure you’re all much more interested to hear some of the triggers my Master has given me. Well, I don’t like to disappoint =P

Freeze/Release: On the mention of this word, my body becomes locked in it’s current position. I’m still largely aware of what exactly Master Lex is doing during this time, but my surroundings seem to melt away. They become less and less important (a fact which I didn’t really believe until I was shown photos of a freezing session in public!). My Master can move me during this time, and I adopt the position he gives me, still frozen in place.

Bound/Release: This is similar, however I’m fully aware of my surroundings and the people around me. When a part of my body is tapped and my trigger is used, that part of my body becomes locked in place, unmovable and fixed.

Good Girl: This is my reward trigger, and releases a multitude of extremely pleasurable feelings; relaxation, pride, pleasure, contentment and submission. When Master Lex calls me his good girl, I can feel these sensations rippling throughout my entire body, my lower back, my legs and chest, my neck and lips. We’ve not increased this sensation to direct arousal at my request, but it’s certainly an amazing feeling.

Obey/Pet: These two triggers began initially as the first step in controlling my naturally rebellious nature. I’d find that often during commands I still had a fully active, bratty conscious mind who would often refuse to obey my Master’s commands. ‘Obey’ leaves my conscious mind free and active, however the command will be carried out by my subconscious. ‘Pet’ was a trigger added later which called my conscious mind to heel, and made me feel and experience exactly what I had been told to.

I’m sure I’ve more triggers, though it seems I just can’t quite recall them now – funny that, isn’t it? Aside from these triggers though, I’ve a number of personas that Master Lex has brought to the forefront on a number of occasions.

The three most memorable of these are Briony, Pet and Fembot (yes, I mean memorable in the sense that my conscious mind has an unfortunate habit of watching what’s going on during trances, something that Master Lex is currently trying to break me of). Briony is a feisty, devious submissive who’s only concern is how best to please her Master (and thinking up interesting and embarrassing triggers for me!). Pet first began as just a trigger, as mentioned above. But it seems my subconscious is using this small opening to pop out, too (something I didn’t quite believe until I realised I’d just sent an e-mail to my Master detailing a number of things I’d been thinking, but my self-conscious sensibilities wouldn’t ever have dreamed of documenting). ‘Fembot time’ (the trigger used to call upon my Fembot persona) involves a mental de-activation basically. I await commands, and my thoughts are much more regimented and clinically analysed. LizziDoll is just a programme that can be run at my Master’s command, and a fault within the programme can be easily corrected at my Master’s instruction.

At the moment, hypnosis is still a relatively new concept to me, and I’m still experimenting with my own subconscious. Master Lex is very understanding, and willing to take things as my own pace, which is a major factor in how I’ve come to trust him so quickly and easily (mind control being a notable bonus in this respect =P).

LizziDoll x