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Liz Rainbow Hypnotized 2

Liz Rainbow Hypnotized 2

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Playing to People's strengths

Background: I was one of the presenters at the UK Recreational Hypnosis Workshops 2018. This is my write-up of the second talk I gave.

I did started writing this shortly after the con, like no more than a day or two when everything was fresh. I’m finishing it nearly two months later, so my apologies for any  embellishments or outright conjurations.

My hope with this talk was to demonstrate the ways in which tailoring a hypnotic experience to the taste of the person being hypnotized can make it that much more effective.
One size may fit most, but it’ll be a much more compelling and enjoyable trance if you take the time to adapt your methods each and every time you hypnotize someone.
To that end, I was intending to discuss 3 or 4 induction and suggestion styles that might appeal to subjects with a propensity for: Bratting, Pet play, “Forced” Submission, and Stage Hypnosis. (“Forced” in this case being consensual non-consent.) whereupon hopefully there’d be volunteers from the audience who might like to give it a go.
Fortunately, this talk (scheduled for Sunday), followed after Saturday night’s “Hypno Party” at which a few adventurous ladies had been kind enough to lend me the use of their brains for a spell. When I asked each of them later if they wouldn’t mind playing the part of hypnotic demo bunny during the talk, they all agreed. Huzzah!
First up was Prop, who’s moderately submissive, but exceedingly bratty and not particularly keen on being made to perform in front of an audience. One on one in a private space, you can expect a small amount of flirtatious backchat from her, but she doesn’t let that stand in the way of her wish to be hypnotized and posed around like a frozen dolly. Once the pendant makes an appearance, in combination with my voice taking on a more serious hypnotic tone… nervous laughter quickly gives way to silent attention-paying, a focused gaze, deeper breathing, and mid-level trance.
In front of an audience though… that brattiness is more likely to intensify than vanish, so my invitation to leave her seat in the front row, and take up one of the chairs facing the audience was firmly (though playfully) declined. It was definitely a “You’ll have to persuade me” decline, not a  hard “no”. Of course, the fact we were having this back-and-forth meant that even though her back was to the audience, she was still the center of attention. The brat in her doesn’t mind that so much, the shy girl in her does.
We bantered a little, but I’m far more at home with being a big ball of awkwardness before an audience than Prop is, so I knew who’d be buckling first.
Prop likes pendants, so I brought mine out, moved in closer, and asked her to look at it, and breathe, and melt, and follow my words… she wavered for a while, but only because she likes there being a little bit of a battle. I could see by the way that the cheeky smirk she was trying to persuade to stay resident on her face kept slipping - as her eyes caught the pendant - leaving her looking nicely expressionless, that she was succumbing. At this point to mitigate the desire to brat, I think I told her that she could place her brattiness to one side, and would enjoy relaxing even more. I also told her that if she wouldn’t mind shifting to the chair in front of everyone, I’d stop embarrassing her… she could enjoy watching the other volunteers going under and she’d even have the best seat.
This worked, and she begrudgingly took up a seat at the front.
Whilst there’s plenty we could have done in private, I knew I wouldn’t have her singing and dancing on command, so we did a little playful catalepsy: Eyes sticking shut, Butt being stuck to her new seat leaving her unable to return to her seat in the audience even if she wanted to, which had her sassing me and having a good natured grumble. At one point later on I had a couple of the other volunteers yelling silly things out any time I snapped my fingers. The twist I put on the suggestion in Prop’s case was that she’d grumpily yell “NO!” at me. (Which of course, worked a charm.)
Speaking of singing and dancing… my next volunteer…
“Misty” (I’m calling her that for reasons that the gaming and anime crowd will guess immediately - everyone else can catch up later.) had borrowed my hypno hat the day before. I have more than enough hats to go around, so when a pretty girl asks if she can try one on, I seldom say “no”… Also messing about with hats, pocketwatches, pendants, props and other hypnotic toys is usually a fun, low pressure way to break the ice and increase rapport, and anything that does thatis rarely a bad idea.
Misty and I had gotten chatting on the Saturday night about how some people’s eyes roll when they’re hypnotized, and she wasn’t sure if it was something she did or not. Cue a couple of minutes of intense focus, fractionation, dropping in and out of trance, and we had our answer. She does! Her head lolls back sleepily as her irises gently roll upwards, leaving a very attractive line of white just visible between her almost closed eyelids. Mmf!
In contrast to Prop, (who did want to be hypnotized, but would kind of prefer it to be in private, and either way, didn’t want to seem too easy so was definitelygoing to make you work for it) Misty was more candid about her desire to be hypnotized, and quite liked the idea of experiencing it in a stageshow capacity.
She’s a switch, which I think can often help, because as a dominant, you know how you want your submissives to behave, and as a submissive, you know how you personally want to feel, so you kind of get the best of both worlds. During the hypno party, she didn’t need any more encouragement than: “Would you like to be hypnotized?” (Yes) “Shall we do it now?” (Okay!)
As I invited her up during the talk, she happily made her way to the front. Blushing a little, but with a smile on her face clearly indicating that this was something she was likely to enjoy.
Trancing an open minded switch who knows she can be hypnotized, enjoys the prospect to the point where there’s little temptation to giggle, and who has a thing for pendants, and softly spoken hypnotic words is, in all honesty, simplicity itself. It would be harder to keep her out of trance than it would be to guide her into one. (Something you can try yourselves the next time you happen to be around an experienced hypno kinkster who really wants to be hypnotized. “Try not to drop! Try not to focus! Try not to let yourself slip and space more rapidly with each of my words!”)
As it was, I asked her to close her eyes… to take a deep breath… to feel calm and focused… and then to find that trying to open her eyes only increased those feelings of peacefulness and focus.
As Nimja had mentioned in his talk, the word “try” in the right context can instead of “succeed” be easily translated by the brain as “Attempt… but fail.”
  • “Try to open your eyes… and feel them sticking shut.”
  • “Try to stand… and find you can’t. “
  • “Try to say your own name… and find your lips refusing to form the right shape.”
Transforming attempts to wake into deeper feelings of relaxation is one of my favourite things to do with hypnofetishists who enjoy a little power play, and Misty didn’t disappoint. She’d done little more than close her eyes, and already she couldn’t open them.  
Credit where it’s due here, I was piggybacking off the fact that she’d been in and out of trance during almost every talk and half her conversations for the preceding 36 hours, so I did admit that to the audience.
She’s a talented performer, and a fan of the Pok√©mon cartoon, and can do the voice of one of the main sidekicks beautifully well, so in no time at all I had her believing that the only word in her vocabulary was “Pikachu”, and that it magically served in place of any human words.
Lex: “Have you enjoyed this weekend?”
Misty: “Pikachu!”
Lex: “What’s been the best bit?”
Misty: “Pika-Pi… Pikachu!”
Lex: “Great… by the way d’you think you’re talking normally by the way?”
Misty: “Pi… ka?”
Lex: “Cos you’re not. Mwahahahaha!”
Misty: “Chuuuuuuuu!” (Whilst stamping her foot and folding her arms in mock irritation.)
From there I had her stand and feel extremely blank and rigid, (because girls who believe that they’re empty headed poseable dolls are awesome!), I directed her eyes to gaze into the middle distance, and then had her frozen, whilst I moved an arm here… twisted her torso there, or tilted her face. An instruction to drop deeper into trance whilst remaining fixed and doll-like had her eyes rolling spacily back in her head showing nothing but the whites of her eyes for the enjoyment of anyone sat close enough to see it.
A wave past those unseeing eyes made it clear to everyone that if there was anything happening in her mind, it was so deep and sleepy that she couldn’t outwardly show any indication of it.
I gave her a “Pose” trigger and brought enough of her mind back from her revery to transition smoothly between poses with each finger snap, and she dreamily switched from cute to spellbound, to glamourous to lusty poses with each successive snap, locking in position like a mindless mannequin once she was there, much to my personal enjoyment (and to Prop’s… judging by the way she was squirming in her seat… not that she’d admit that, of course.)
I always find contrast between mindsets deeply appealing, and it can look pretty funny too, so when her mind did came back, Misty found with surprise that she was leaning towards me in a seductive stance, grabbing onto my shirt with a sultry look of come-hithertude on her face.
She grimaced, laughed, and bounced back a pace or two. We had a quick talk about how that felt, how much she was aware of, and what she found herself feeling internally (if anything) before moving on.
I ended up by posing Misty like a cute zombie, (arms outstretched, legs locked with her knees unable to bend) and telling her that she was a clockwork doll who’d tick-tock back and forth across the front of the room till her clockwork ran down. Her expression became doll-like, a glassy smile fixed on her face as she obediently and brainlessly began to totter her way first right, then left whilst I pointed out to the audience that I could only really do this with Misty because being on show with her mind mostly missing was quite a lot of fun in her case. On asking Prop if she’d like to join Misty as a clockwork doll (who was now winding down and getting slower and slower with each step) I received a furious shake of Prop’s head. It’s not that she wouldn’t enjoy it… the way she flushed as she took in Misty’s vacant stare made it clear enough that it was something she’d quite happily like to experience… but not necessarily before an audience.
Once Misty’s clockwork had wound down, I led her back to her seat, woke her enough to enjoy watching, and invited up Lilly, my third volunteer. (More on her in a moment.)  
Hypnosis (as if you need telling) is the best fetish in the world, (I’m totally unbiased, honestly!) and two reasons why are the fact that it can tie into any other fetish, and the fact that the only limitation is the imagination of the subject and hypnotist. (Which I guess is a good time to apologize for my lack of creativity and my human doll obsession. :P)
D’you like the idea of becoming a captive in your own body? Watching like a passenger from within as you powerlessly perform for the amusement of others? Hypnosis has you covered.
Would you like something more intimate? A connection with a person where you can let down every barrier, and vividly experience every pleasure and sensation that they can describe as powerfully as possible for as long as you can take it? Hypnosis has you covered!
Are you drawn to something a little darker… to be the vampire’s victim… to be seduced… manipulated… kidnapped… drugged… brainwashed… made to not only act and behave a different way, but to have your thoughts redirected and reshaped as well. Three for three, it’s hypnosis again! The answer to every kinky question.  
And on that topic of trances a little darker…  
Volunteer number 3 was Lilly. And Lilly has a thing for… well. More… forcefulmanipulations.
I’m not talking about villainous vampires.
I’m not talking about kidnapping… (At least… not by your typical kidnappers.)
I’m talking about alien abduction.
Alien abduction by multi-limbed creatures so eldritch and powerful that they can use their questing tendrils to not just restrain and hold you physically, but to work their way into your most intimate of places, penetrating and invading you, even phasing their predatory appendages right through your skull, infiltrating your brain, and rewriting your mind.
Yep. Lilly (who’s a slim pretty blonde with a very elegant “Steampunk Burlesque” aesthetic to her outfit.) has herself a kink for “naughty tentacles”.
I checked that she’d be comfortable with me touching her face and none-intimate areas in a semi-familiar fashion, (Though not too familiar) to simulate the feel of tentacles against her body, she agreed, and we began.
This trance started with Lily’s eyes closed, as I asked her to imagine being home alone in bed. Initially comfortable… content… relaxed… a smile forms on her face, she shifts a little, getting cosy…  but then I tell her that she’s aware of there being something else in the room with her… a presence…  something that feelswrong… something that touches her mind with an edge of dread… but a growing feeling of infatuation.
Her breath catches in her throat.
I tell her that in her mind’s eye… she opens her eyes… but that she can’t see anything out of the ordinary…
Except… out of the corner of her eye… for the briefest of moments… she thought she saw something long and snake-like coiled around one leg. Looking directly at it… she sees nothing… only… only now she can’t move that leg… and her other leg feels itself being dragged outwards into a kneeling position.
Any time she looked away… she’d once again notice those coils spiralling around her legs, moving and manipulating her, but any time she looked at them directly, they’d fade from her mind, as though protecting themselves from her being able to focus on them fully.
The night before in the playroom, I’d had Lilly physically kneeling as she experienced this. During the talk, I think she was probably just seated on a chair. At least physically. Mentally she was kneeling, her legs teased apart, her breaths deepening, mild feelings of panic rising within her… but not so rapidly as the sensations of exhilaration arousal and excitement.
I told her she wanted to fight… to free herself… to struggle… but the more she tried, the more she’d find herself feeling coiled and captive, every shift in one part of her body leading to another part growing all the more helpless. Held in place by those tentacles and drawn into a more “pleasing” position for them to examine her, enjoy her… and enter her.
I told her that not only were they moving her body into a position that had her feeling exposed, vulnerable but desperately aroused, but also they were placing themselves at her temples… somehow becoming spectral and phasingthemselves through the skin… through her skull… and into her brain. Probing… and pushing… examining how her mind works… and then taking over… twisting her resistance… bending it so that all she could resist was her attempts to free herself.
I had tried using a flogger as a prop the night before, the fronds of it functioning as the tendrils of the tentacles as I lowered it onto Lilly’s head, but nothing really beats fingers at massaging away the cares… or at masquerading as tantalizing tendrils, so I began smoothing my fingers over her temples… tracing and twisting them over her face, around her neck. (Lilly enjoys breathplay, so the suggestion to only breathe when she was told brought a pinkness to her cheeks, and a renewed enthusiasm to her defenselessness.)
Up until that point, Lilly had been weakly struggling against the way her senses were telling her that the tentacles were trying to move her, but as I told her that my voice was taking on an alien quality, that it wasn’t speaking in her ear, so much as emanating telepathically from deep within her mind, and that she needed to surrender… to obey… and to open herself up to it, she began to move her body differently. Allowing herself to be swayed… inspected… massaged… her hips began a slight unconscious thrusting as she moaned softly.
I told her that my tentacles were pushing all thoughts from her mind, that trying to recall herself only made her more blank, more a plaything. I tried a few questions, but the only answers she was able to produce were soft barely coherent moans, and when I told her that the word “Obey” was being pushed deep into her mind she began blankly mouthing “Obey…. Obey… Obey…” over and over.
Hot though all this was… I felt that now would be a good time to bring her mind back to the room, I told her that the tentacles would recede from her mind, leaving her fully restored to her normal self, and able to recall everything that happened just fine.
I counted her awake, and her expression tuned back in from mind-wiped plaything, to cheeky hypno kinkster, and I feigned disapproval at the idea that anyone could enjoy being a brainwashed puppet so much.
Breathlessly Lilly admitted that she just really really likes tentacles, which got a laugh, and reminded me of the impression that she does. I asked if she could remember the kind of noise that she’d imagine a tentacle mawed creature like a Mind Flayer (D&D beastie) or Cthulhu might make, and she placed the backs of her hands to her top lip like she had tentacle fingers for a moustache and went “BlurbRowrblebleblebleblerrrrrrr”
I gave all three girls the compulsion to make Tentacle / Pikachu / “NO” noises on command, and spent an enjoyable couple of minutes bouncing between breakdown of the sessions and compelled outbursts.
All three ladies received a round of applause for volunteering themselves for demonstration, and we wrapped up the talk.
I hope everyone there found the show useful and fun, and my thanks and gratitude to Prop, Lilly and Misty for being fantastic sports, and such good demo dollies.
Mmm… Dollies. ;)

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