Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fetlife Fallout

I'm still active, just mainly on tumblr these days, still. This was a post that I thought important enough to post EVERYWHERE that I made in response to Fetlife's 2017 deleting of all groups with "Hypnosis" in the title, including a small one of my own and several HUGE hypnotic hub sites run by friends. 

In case anyone missed my comment from Page 31 of the Fetlife discussion. 

I’m echoing a lot of what ZanyM, Mephki and HypnoMaestro and others have already said, but whilst I have a voice, I think I should use it, even if it’s just to agree. (Oh, the bondage deaths and rape fantasy talk is all me. Yee! :o|) 

@JohnBaku Thanks for communicating with us. I don’t know what you’ve had to go through, so I apologize if my comments lack understanding as to the scope of the problem. You’ve made a great site that’s been wonderful for community building. It’s lead to a lot of people safely discovering that they’re not alone in their kinks. It’s also been great for community policing. Some of the most intelligent, morally sound and ethical people I’ve met have been community leaders here. And many of them have just had their groups deleted. 

Silencing thousands of people and deleting hundreds of groups isn’t going to help anyone thrive. 

If you have to do this in the short term, please make sure there’s a way to recover from it. 

This is no guarantee that credit card companies will allow you to process payments again. Nor is it any guarantee that the groups pressuring the credit card companies won’t lobby to move the goalposts again in a year or two. 

These groups don’t just want hypnosis and edgeplay gone. They want all non-conventional, non-PC, non-religiously acceptable activities gone, and if they can’t shut you down in one fell swoop, then they’ll try to kill your site with a death by thousand cuts. 

♦ This time it’s hypnosis…
♦ Next it’ll be bondage and breath-play…
♦ Then it’ll be spanking.
♦ Then they’ll stigmatize polyamory, open relationships, and swinging. 

Not to kink shame, but misadventure due to bondage and breathplay has caused life long injuries and in some cases actual deaths when carried out by clueless amateurs. I know the people of Fetlife have been instrumental in the education of newbies in how to carry out such scenes as safely as possible. If Fetlife wasn’t here for them simply as an educational resource and networking hub, I can guarantee there would be more of that. 

Google the #1 fantasy amongst most women and in most cases it’ll be reported as “Rape Fantasy”. Are those women going out and getting raped? No. If they ever do play with it, it’s hopefully in a much more safe context. Can consenting adults now discuss the most common fantasy in the world on the biggest fetish site in the world? No. If something is consensual and legal then why should talking about it be stigmatized? 

You have a site with five million members. You have lawyers. Odds are, plenty of site members *are* lawyers. Fun, intelligent, kinky people want Fetlife to thrive, so ask the five million for help. 

Start a GoFundMe, go down the Patreon route, Have your lawyers draw a line in the sand and keep talking to us. Help us help you fight this.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Second Person Submission: The Auction.

Wrote this earlier. It needs work and fleshing out, but it's been a while since I blogged, so I might as well see what people think about it. ;)


* * * * *

You awake lazily from a dream you can’t quite recall to discover yourself in darkness.

There’s something covering your eyes, and your body feels… strange.

You’re... hot… your knees bent… legs spread wide… aroused… and there’s a coolness around your pussy that’s making you feel exposed…

With a start, you realise that you’re nude… Not only that, but as you begin to reach a hand towards your face to find what’s obscuring your vision, you find someone has cuffed you with leather straps at your wrists, your knees, your ankles...

You struggle momentarily as adrenaline enters your body, and your senses begin to report in.

Somehow you’ve been captured, stripped, cuffed…

You don’t know who, or how, but they’ve got you spread like a sex doll.

Presented… Displayed… Ready for use...

You listen intently and realise that you’re not alone. You can hear muffled voices, conversation, laughter, both men and women… but all of it sounds like it’s coming from the other side of a window. You can’t make it out because there’s some other clearer noise… some rhythm… pulsing, and hypnotic gently drowning it out.

There are discernible words in there, but there’s something about them that you can’t focus on. It’s like as soon the word is spoken, you forget what was said. It’s making you feel strange. Sexy. Obedient…  Wait what? “Where did that thought come from?” you ask yourself.

As you attempt to speak, you find your mouth’s already open wide. Gagged, spread and the only sound that emerges is an erotic sounding grunt:


The sound echoes strangely… as though rather than a room, you’re in some kind of box or container.

“Hello!?” you try to call, though it emerges from your wide-open mouth as “Ellell?”

Again, the sound has this strange quality, making you feel like the walls of whatever cell you now find yourself in are only inches away from you. Like you’re in some kind of box… or cage… or display case…

Considering the circumstances… you feel strangely relaxed, almost good.

The wetness of your pussy tells you something, and you can smell the scent of your own arousal hanging in the air.

Then you realise the reason why you feel so good… so chilled… you feel like you’ve just had an orgasm…

You’re feeling the afterglow.

But when did that happen?

What is your dream?

How did you get here?

Then you hear the voice. Piped through speakers.

“Ahh, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Lot 17 has come back to her senses. This girl certainly has some stamina, doesn’t she?”

There’s an appreciative murmuring from outside your box.

“For those of you just joining us, Lot 17 is a 21 year old girl from London who wishes to become owned property. She’s taken well to hypnotic conditioning and as you can see, you may place her in any mindset that you choose. For example…”

A tone plays, and your world transforms.

You’re a slut. A horny piece of fuckmeat that needs to be used. You feel a dildo positioned near your pussy and you hungrily begin to wiggle your hips down so you can slide it into yourself.

“This would be slut mode…” comes the voice,  “in this state the only thing that matters to Lot 17 is getting herself off. The fact that she’s bound, naked, and on display barely registers to her.”

The words are meaningless, why is no-one fucking you? Why is no-one sucking at your nipples? squeezing your ass? fucking your face-hole? God, you need it. Pussy, cock, anything, EVERYTHING! All that matters is pleasure, sensation, fucking, play, that wonderful dildo that you’re thrusting yourself onto greedily over and over and over.

“In contrast, this… would be damsel in distress mode”

Another tone plays and everything changes.

Suddenly you’re scared… panicing. Tearful.

What’s going on!? Who’s saying this? How did you get here?! What’s happening to you Help!

“Eelllllp eeeeeeeee!” you moan tearfully, struggling against your bonds.

“Ohhh 17.” mocks the voice “No-one’s going to help you now. This is what you wanted after all!”

“uck oooo!” you grunt “oo’ll regret ish!!”

“As you can see Ladies and Gentlemen, this one will be perfect for roleplay. At a moment’s notice she’ll become your slut, your captive, or simply....”

Another tone.

Now all that matters is serving… pleasing… obeying… surrendering… being the best submissive you can be.

“...your slave” finishes the voice.

You love that voice. You’ll do anything for it. That’s your owner. You’re their property. You’ll do anything for them, be anything, think anything, and you love it.

The gag loosens and you hear the voice asking you a question.

“Who Do You Obey, Slavegirl?”

You hear your own voice answering loudly and clear: “This slave obeys *you* Sir, it will please, serve and surrender however you wish it to.”

“Very good!” says the voice of your owner. “And are you happy to be shared with my esteemed collegues here?

“Of course Sir!” you answer proudly. “If you believe they will treasure and enjoy your property as you do.”

“Capital!” comes his voice, before continuing.

“I’ll be renting Lot 17 out for a period of 3 days. During that time you can give her whatever name, personality or set of behaviour that you like. She’ll be your ornament, your slavegirl, your fuckdoll, or your pet. If you enjoy a little resistance in your playthings, she’ll fight you tooth and nail. If you like the idea of snapping your fingers and having her as your eagerly obedient pleasure pet, she’ll switch between resistant and obedient mindsets at the touch of a button.”

“Bidding begins at £800 for a three day period.”

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Slave Auction & Hot Tub Hypnosis

Gotta say, I’m rather spoilt by my local fetish club. (Not that I’m complaining! :D) The guys n girls that run Townhouse do everything they can to indulge a wide range of deviant desires within the fetish community. I hope the following doesn't sound too much like an ad. Not everyone knows what goes on at fetish clubs though, so it makes sense to give a virtual tour… 

If you want to jump straight to my personal sexy bits, feel free skip ahead. :P 

Everyone else that wants to hear more about Townhouse? Read on!

So! What is Townhouse? Well it's a big old townhouse (surprise surprise) on the outskirts of the city that's been converted into a private members club for those with an alternate lifestyle. There’s a mix of rooms to suit all tastes and levels of exhibitionism:

Just looking to chat to fellow kinky folk whilst you share a drink? There’s a nice bar, a spacious downstairs lounge / playroom complete with stage and pole (for any burlesque performers, striptease artistes or pole-dancers out there.) 

Want to unwind after a long day? There’s a hot-tub n sauna. Although why the shower in that room needs five dials to control it is frankly beyond me. :P

Looking for something social but a little more kinky? There are a couple of larger playrooms upstairs featuring a range of beds, benches, swings, stirrups, suspension frames and a St Andrews Crosses (Don’t worry, it’s not as religious as it sounds… well… except perhaps on a religion themed night. :p)

Deeply devious and looking to explore some darker desires? You might like to head down to the cellar dungeon which has a number of cells a couple of cages and what (and I might be wrong here) my memory seems to be recalling as a rack. 

Just looking for some private play one-on-one with a special playmate? There are a couple of small rooms that just contain beds (and whatever / whoever else you feel like taking in there. ;)

There’s a regular mix of events that span the whole kinky spectrum, from life drawing classes and objectification nights to rope play workshops, medical fetish evenings, dollification days and big/little play sessions.

You couldn’t ask for a more friendly and welcoming crowd. Sure, people there looking to scratch their libidinous itches, but everyone I’ve met so far has been respectful of boundaries and comfort levels and want to have a fun time in a relaxed, safe and clean environment, so whether you’re a total newbie (which I am) or a single girl (which I’m not :P) you can probably count on having a damn good time. 

Anyway, last night I had no plans for my evening, (Other than editing videos which is *always* the plan, even if I don’t always get around to it.) I did have access to the car though, so when a T-Girl neighbour sent me a text asking if I was going to the club tonight and could I give her a lift back, I had enough curiosity to ask what the event was:

Her: Slave Auction!
Me: Ooh. That does sound rather tempting....
Her: Cool, can I have a lift back? X
Me: Wait! I haven’t decided if I’m going yet!
Her: Best fweind ever!

Aaaand that was all it took. I know. I’m a pushover. But several post-university years of being a social hermit has taught me that that’s not the way to make friends or have exciting new experiences, so I try to say “Yes” to most things these days. Also a slave auction is something I’ve never seen or partaken in, but always been very curious about. 

I sent Willow a text (she’s an alt-model ladyfriend: Picture a curvaciously corsetted gothic girly in rocker boots, sassy smile on her face and a head topped with ringlets of flame red hair and you’re on the right lines) to see if she fancied coming along, and she did, and I sent the organisers of the auction an email to work out if payments were to be made financially, or if there was some kind of kinky bartering system at work. (My opening bid could be a private hypnotherapy session, someone else might offer to pay with 300 feet of bondage rope, I’d raise by offering to design a logo or do a photo session, that kinda thing.) 

I also asked where the proceeds of the event would be going. Proceeds would be going to restocking the local food bank so as it was for charity I felt justified drawing out enough cash to ensure that if there happened to be a bidding war over the most appealing slavegirl on offer, I’d hopefully have the finances to win it.

Good thing too really. ;) 

We arrived at about 9 o’clock and began circulating. Willow and myself got mistaken for Master and slavegirl a couple of times, which is an occupational hazard when a) Your other halves aren’t quite as sociable as you are, and b) You make semi regular use of your friend as a hypnotic demo dolly. Willow can drop into a pretty deep hypnotic trance at the drop of a hat… or a snap of my fingers, so who could blame me for taking every opportunity to paint myself as an irresistable hypnotic wizzard. :P

Willow hadn’t had the best of weeks and was enjoying the opportunity to avoid thinking about work related stresses, so I’d given her the post-hypnotic-suggestion that any attempt to think about work or worries would simply make her feel relaxed and sexy instead. As mental blocks go, it’s quite a good one. 

Me: How’s work been this week? 

Willow (Huffing, rolling her eyes and looking visibly ticked off.): Ugh, don’t ask, my boss is such a prick. 

Me: How’s work been this week? 

Willow (Frowning momentarily before a beatific passes over her face): Mmmm really good I think? Wanna go in the hot tub!?

Great, right? ;)

Our T-Girl ladyfriend introduced us to a couple of her buddies we hadn’t met yet, including one rather lovely looking brunette lady stood beside the bar who was introduced by Aimee as: 

“This is Razzle. She’s a cyborg!” 

The mention of cyborgs had my ears pricking up. Ladies who can be remote controlled appeal to me on multiple levels. My inner geek gets to live in a science fiction dreamland. My inner perve gets to see himself switching a girl from catgirl mode to model mode to slut mode to her normal self and back again in the blink of an eye. Aaaaaand my inner couch potato loves the thought of pressing a button on a remote to get a girl to press a button on another remote to change the channel on the TV for me! :D

I said it was nice to meet her and shook her by the hand. Before I could say ask more about the cyborg comment, Aimee was leaning in mischievously and saying: 

“Look how quickly she spaces when you play with her hair!”

Aimee began running her fingers through Razzle’s hair, the girl very quickly very visibly began breathing deeper, her eyes unfocusing and her eyelids starting to flicker closed almost involuntarily. 

As a hypnotist, anyone who can go from having a conversation one moment to being in a profound state of relaxation or submission the next tends to make for a damn good subject and is a very attractive prospect as a potential play partner. On top of that, anyone who has sexual or sensual buttons that can be used to tease, train or tantalise is someone I’d definitely like to get to know better.

I think I asked for Razzle’s permission before giving her hair a stroke myself. (Sorry if I didn’t, Raz, I was just so excited!) As before, she went from keen eyed engagement to deep slow breaths and when I playfully grabbed a firm fistful of her hair, her legs actually buckled beneath her… 

Fortunately Seph, a mutual friend who’d been standing nearby had noticed Razzle being manipulated around by her hair and had preemptively stood himself behind her, his arms either side and as her legs buckled, he made sure to support and catch her. 

“Wow” was all I could say for a moment, silently thankful that I hadn’t just dropped this poor girl to the ground by her hair my very first time meeting her. I had to ask… 

“So… this slave auction… are you…”

“I’m slave number four.” she smiled airily. 

“And is there anyone specific you’re hoping is going to put an offer in?” I asked, glancing over at Seph, (who’d be annoyingly chiselled, good-looking and hunky if he wasn’t such a genuinely nice guy) and using my trying-so-hard-to-sound-innocent-that-it’s-abundantly-clear-there’s nothing-innocent-going-on-in-my-mind-at-all voice. 

“Mmm no, I don’t mind who buys me for the evening.”

“Right then!” I blustered, filing that thought away as innnnnnteresting. “I might put an offer in myself…. Byeeee!” 

I swept away grinning, Willow in tow, not wanting to spend too much time dogging Razzle before the auction. 

We met Mistress Chloe, who would be running the slave auction and though Willow ummed and ahhed a little, she eventually decided (without hypnotic coercian) to pop herself up for auction and see who’d be interested. 

As a slave for the evening, you’re allowed to state on your purchase order what kind of play you’d like to partake in, who you’d like to purchase you, and what (if any) your personal limits are. Limits should all be respected anyway, but it helps to know if your plaything for the evening really wants to explore anal play, or only wants to be purchased by a mistress, or has a bad back or something. 

10:30pm rolled around and we headed into the pole-dance lounge for the auction. 

Willow and Razzle sat themselves onstage along with a range of other slaves, and Mistress Chloe’s female assistant (dressed in a patterned tube top that made me think of her as “Jungle Girl” began tying the slaves together by their wrists. There were 10 slaves in total. A few guys of varying ages and levels of attractiveness, (and undress! One wasn’t wearing much besides rope, another had a cheeky “naked” apron on.) Willow and Razzle were the only two cis ladies  and there were a number of T-Girls.

Seph stepped up onstage behind the group holding a sheaf of papers. Looks like he’d be helping Mistress Chloe compere events. 

A hush fell about the room as Mistress Chloe greeted everyone ceremonially. The event was being billed as “Friends, Romans Countrymen” (as the Romans kept slaves) so as she greeted the assembled Masters and Mistresses, she invoked good fortune from gods like Bacchus (the god of wine and fertility) and… uh… Hempy the goddess of bondage… (Okay, I may have just made her up. I was paying more attention to the slaves. :P)

Miss Chloe explained that bidding would be in ass’s and that there were ten ass’s in a dinarius (the plural of which would be dinarii) though as no-one had any ancient roman coins handy, we’d be using british pounds as a substitute for dinarii. 

The slaves were run through their paces, they were given numbered slave positions and instructed to stand for inspection, to kneel down, to get on all fours, and to bow. As they bowed, Miss Chloe took the opportunity to flip up a few skirts, to pull down a few pants and grab a few buttocks to get a good feel for the merchandise. She also made use of Razzle as a rather attractive footstool at one point.

Slave one was a slightly older T-Girl, who was looking for anal play and bondage from her buyer. It took Mistress Chloe some persuasion to get anyone to bid, and the opening bid of one ass (10p) wasn’t raised for a good 30 seconds or so. When a higher bid finally did come, it was from the lady who’d already made the opening bid. Well I guess lot one wasn’t going for the absolute minimum possible price… 

No more bidders for slave one, she was untied, placed in a lion mask and made to road like a beast for Chloe’s amusement. She was then instructed to kneel before her new Mistress. 

Slave two was apparently fairly well known and liked, as Miss Chloe joked about how he was a return who brought his previous owner so much joy and pleasure, that they just had to sell him again so others could enjoy him. She had him stand and face the room before dropping his underwear all the way to the floor to reveal his goodies before saying:

“Well… at least things are nicely presented down there!” 

The slave (who was currently growing visibly aroused at being the center of attention) had dressed his gentleman parts (now bobbing somewhat) with rings and bells for the occasion. 

“Do I hear one ass?!” she enquired, and this was quickly met. Four or five bidders fancied the look of him it seems, as the ass’s turned into one, then three, then five dinarii. Upon being sold he was again made to roar for Miss Chloe, before crawling obediently to his new owner. 

Slave three was a slim 22 year old t-girl called Stella, and bidding here was more enthusiastic, with a half dozen or so people making bids. She eventually went to a girl called Bunny, who I’d say was a buddy if she didn’t spend so much bloody time at these events stealing my headgear. (A hypnotist needs an impressive top hat, right?) She insists my hat looks better on her than on me. Ridiculous lies! 

Bunny had brought along a big bag of bondage rope with her, so before Stella had crawled all the way to the feet of her new Mistress, Bunny was standing and sashaying out of the room, beckoning her new plaything with one finger to crawl behind her to a more secluded spot for some bondage play. 

Slave four was Razzle, and standing there in her slinky black skirt, heels and with a white blouse clinging sexily to her chest, all eyes were definitely upon her. 

Mistress Chloe announced:

“This is a very special slave. A RESERVE has been set on this one.”

(Appreciative murmur from the crowd) 

“This girl is completely new on the market. She likes blindfolds... bondage... and multiple play partners… do I hear one dinarius?”

It’s probably no surprise to hear that one dinarius was offered immediately, and from there her price rapidly began to spiral upwards and exceed the cost of the three previous slaves. I held back from bidding at first, not wanting to just swoop in and steamroll over the other bidders, and wanting to see where things would lead. Just as the early bidders were dropping out and bidding was beginning to slow down... my true challenger appeared. Seph (the good looking git) chipped in with a nice round:

“Ten Dinarii!” This elicited an “Ooooh” from the crowd. We were moving out of pocket-change and into big bucks.  

“The reserve has been met!” called Mistress Chloe with some degree of triumph. 

I wasted no time: “Eleven!” I announced from my corner of the room, drawing glances. 

“Twelve!” Seph countered almost immediately from behind the row of slaves. 

“Fifteen!” came my reply. 

“Twenty!” he cheerfully batted back to me, not allowing himself to be outdone. 

It was like a game of tennis. The heads of the gathered throng bouncing back and forth between Seph and myself. 

“Twenty FIVE!” I grinned. “And I do hope you’re not getting a staff discount!” 

“Thirty!” he challenged. “And that would be professionally unethical!” 

“Unethical? This is a SLAVE AUCTION!. Thirty FIVE!” came my counter. 

“FIFTY!” came a new voice from the doorway where a chap was looking pleased with himself and raising his hand in challenge. 

As all heads swivelled to face the newcomer, my inner geek overcome with the humor of the situation couldn’t resist announcing:


Fortunately for me there were enough fellow geeks in the crowd to get the reference and this got a good laugh out of almost everyone. All eyes were on this new stranger... at which point he completely bottled it. 

“Uh… only kidding!” he grinned, and ducked out of the room again. 

“A new player has… uh... left… the game?” I burbled, trying to remember who’d bid last. 

The confusion was quickly cleared up anyway as Seph called: 

“Fair enough! Fifty!”

“Fifty FIVE!” 

This time it was his turn to quip. “Maybe we could work out some kind of timeshare arrangement with her?” and when I didn’t reply he continued. 

“Alright. Sixty!”

“Sixty FIVE!” I said. Adding a playful spin to each successive “FIVE” that I added… (I hope I didn’t look like too much of a tit doing this…)

“No problem. Seventy!” he said. Showing no signs of stopping. 

“I mean… I could mayyyyybe persuaded to try out that timeshare arrangement.” I mused, though the second Miss Chloe looked like she was about to accept Seph’s offer of seventy I quickly raised once more. 

Bidding continued all the way up to one hundred dinarii, at which point with a smile and a magnanimous wave of his hand, Seph (ever the gentleman) backed down and left me with the winning bid.

There was applause, there was happy chatter as Razzle made her way over to me and knelt demurely. 

“Hello Master.” she said, looking up at me with a smile. 

“Hello Slavegirl” I replied, “Would you like your hair stroked?”

“Yes please Master” she responded. 

Within half a breath, my hands were in her hair. 

Later on in the auction... 

We were up to slave six now, but a couple of the earlier buyers had already ducked out with their purchases. I leant in and softly asked: “D’you like the hot tub?”

“Why yes I do Master!” she replied with some enthusiasm. 

“It does mean baring your body for me.” I warned. 

“That’s fine Master, I’m yours after all.” 

“Excellent! Let’s go.”

We made our way out.  

Later on outside the auction...

Razzle was proving herself a wonderfully willing slavegirl: She’d fetched drinks then towels for the hot tub, she’d stripped on command, pausing only to ask what I’d like her to take off first, and once fully undressed, she’d happily allowed herself to be inspected and playfully caressed from all angles. I didn’t inspect for too long though as the hot tub room is open to the outdoors and it was November. People are harder to hypnotize when they’re freezing their bits off, and after a steaming shower, the hot tub was calling…

Later still...

Razzle’s head was resting in the crook of my neck, as she breathed slowly and evenly. One of my arms was around her back, and with the free hand I supported her head and gently stroked her hair. We floated in the bubbling tub, it’s warmth keeping us cosy.

5 minutes earlier we’d been getting to know one another a little better, our backgrounds, our kinks, our interests… her interesting cyborg story… right now though...

“3… 2… 1… Wake.”

Now she was my hypnotized kitty, and kitty Razzle was nuzzling my face, rubbing her nose against mine, purring, and trying (with a fair amount of success) to spoon me with every part of her body simultaneously.

I’d instructed her to behave like a cat that needed to be stroked and petted. To find that any attempt to think for herself or resist the urge, would only make it grow stronger, and she appeared to be obeying to the letter.  

I enjoyed her affections, the way this lady that barely knew me a few hours ago was behaving like a life-long pet. She’d been more than willing to obey every command I’d given her so far, but in a slightly formal way. The fact she was now blissfully scratching her fingernails down the outsides of my arms as she floated in the tub, blissful smile on her face and purring like a kitty was quite the contrast. 

“Aaaand now you’re a girl again… but you can’t stop yourself from being this affectionate.” I snapped my fingers.  

“What the…” She blinked awake and laughed nervously to find us almost nose to nose. 

A momentary tug, and she realised that her her hands wouldn’t let go of my arms, that her breasts wouldn’t stop smooshing into my chest. I’m not sure if she was trying to resist the urge, but if she was, she was definitely failing. She laughed as her body refused to stop behaving like a cat. 

“The power of hypnosis!” I exclaimed theatrically. “Are you enjoying it so far?”

“Yes I am” she said. 

“Good. Because now now you’re a cat once more!” I gave another snap of my fingers and Kitty-Razzle resumed her purring and unresistant nuzzling.

After that…

We’d gotten out of the hot tub before becoming too prune like and made our way back to the bar for drinks. We met back up with Willow to see how her sale and play had gone. I think it must have been me offering to get drinks because Willow teased me at that point for not apparently being “Masterly” enough with my new purchase. 

“Tsch! fine” I said, before placing Razzle back into trance, having her close her eyes and imagine herself blindfolded.

Me: Remember you’re my slave.
Her: Yes Master
Me: What’s the first memory you have?
Her: Being purchased by you Master. Becoming yours.
Me: What’s your name?
Her: Slavegirl
Me: And would you like a new name?
Her: Whatever you wish Master.
Me: Your name is Estelle, tell me your name.
Her: Estelle.
Me: Good Girl and what will you do for me Estelle?
Her: Anything you wish.
Me: You’ll happily bare your body for me, even though we’re in a room with lots of people?
Her: Yes Master.
Me: Then do so.
Her: Yes Master.
Me: Very good… and now your breasts can be seen by everyone you’ll happily allow others to stroke and grope and enjoy them?
Her: Yes Master.
Me: Good Girl

“Alright” said Willow, leaning in and stroking her fingers teasingly over Razzle’s bared breast. “No need to be such a big bloody show off.” :P 

And there we go. 

Estelle / Razzle did eventually get her own mind back before the end of the night, and there wasn’t too much more play because Willow was insistent that someone else join her in the hot tub. (And I’d only just de-pruned myself. Gah!)

Thank you Razzle for being a fantastic playmate, pet, fembot and buddy. I hope you had as much fun as I did. ;)  

Thank you to the folk at Townhouse for arranging the event. Thanks to Mistress Chloe and her assistants for setting everything up. Thanks Aimee for introducing me to your cyborg ladyfriend in the first place, and thanks Seph for first catching Razzle when she was on her way to the floor, then letting me place the winning bid. (Though I hear a certain slavegirl does like to be blindfolded and sensually teased by multiple people at once… so maybe we can still try that timeshare arrangement out sometime after all....)

For more info about Townhouse and the kinky goings on there,, you can check out their Fetlife group directly here:

Or their website here: